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This picture shows Himalayan and Celtic sea salt is filled in a jar

Throughout history, salt has been a significant commodity, having a crucial role in both ancient and contemporary societies. Although it is essential for both human and animal welfare, over-indulging can be harmful. Salt is used in many industrial processes and has historically been used for tanning, food preservation, and other medical and therapeutic reasons. Furthermore, because it was a precious trade item in ancient times, salt has been essential to the advancement of civilizations. 

Salt and its Types

Salt is an integral or essential part of providing taste to every dish. Without this, we feel food is tasteless and has no taste. Using salt daily provides many health benefits like if you have a viral infection or gargle with salt, it will be best for that. Nowadays, the salt used in the market is sea salt. Firstly, it is evaporated, and then after drying, it sends to the market.

The original salt comes from the khewra mines, and it has many benefits if we use it in a balanced amount. The unique point of it extracts through the hand method and then in chunks or pieces comes to the industries.

Different kinds of salt are held by different shapes of spoons.

Types of Different Salt

There are many types of salt, which can be extracted through different methods and have different benefits. Some of the salt types are discussed here:

  • Himalayan salt 
  • Celtic sea salt
  • Black Himalayan salt
  • Iodized salt
  • Kosher salt
  • Red Hawaiian salt
  • Pink Himalayan salt

Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic sea salt is grey, so it’s called grey salt. Almost 34 minerals are added to it as compared to other salts. The percentage of sodium in Celtic Sea salt has 33%. Celtic sea salt brand is harvested in the Brittany region of France located along the northwest Atlantic coast the region’s called active sea currents and large tides. 

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is extracted hand-carved from the khewra mines. Uniqueness this salt has many color categories like light, moderate, and dark pink, and also has black Himalayan salt. In this bulk of minerals, almost 84 minerals are present, which are suitable for our mental and physical health.

Black Himalayan salt

There are numerous names for kala namak, also called black Himalayan Salt. It is a sulfur-rich salt used as a condiment in many South Asian and Indian treats, flavorful snacks, salads, fruits, and soups. This sulfur content gives the Salt its pungent, rich, egg-like flavor.

Kosher Salt

Kosher salt is made entirely of sodium chloride, unlike other kinds of Salt. Typically, it doesn’t include iodine, trace minerals, or anti-clumping or anti-caking substances.

Red Hawaiian Salt

Red salt is also known as Hawaiian red salt, Hawaiian alaea salt, and Hawaiian red sea salt. It’s an unprocessed sea salt with a pinkish-brown tint derived from Hawaiian Clay. Hawaiian Clay, also known as alaea, comprises around 80 minerals, and more iron oxide is added to it.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

This picture shows different benefits of pink Himalayan salt.

There are numerous advantages of using Himalayan salt, which are listed here:

  • Lowers blood pressure due to lower sodium chloride content compared to regular salt
  • Beneficial for blood pressure regulation
  • Contains around 98% sodium chloride, but with fewer sodium ions and more minerals than regular salt

Benefits of Celtic Sea Salt

This picture shows different benefits of Celtic sea salt.

Celtic sea salt has numerous health benefits, which are mentioned further below:

  • Celtic sea salt has therapeutic qualities that can enhance your health.
  • Your gut system is strengthened and supported by it.
  • A balanced salt intake is required for healthy bodily operation.
  • Your health may suffer if you completely cut out sodium.
  • It’s crucial to include a moderate quantity of salt in your diet as a result.

Difference Between Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt

Two natural, unrefined salts that are favoured by health-conscious customers are Celtic sea salt and Himalayan salt. Which salt is salt: Himalayan salt and Celtic sea salt here are some variations between them as follows:


Compared to Celtic sea salt, which has a more assertive and saltier taste, Himalayan pink salt has a slightly sweeter and gentler flavor.

Mineral Content

Compared to Celtic sea salt, edible pink Himalayan salt has a higher mineral content, and lends a distinctive flavor and a pinkish hue. Celtic sea salt has a more conventional salt taste because it contains fewer minerals than other sea salts.


Compared to Celtic sea salt, which has a finer texture and smaller granules, Himalayan salt has a rougher texture and more prominent granules.


While Celtic sea salt is gathered from the French beach, Himalayan salt is taken out of the Khewra salt mines in Pakistan.


Celtic sea salt is harvested using machinery, whereas Himalayan Salt is usually hand-mined and undergoes minimal processing.

Which Salt is Good for Gargling

Salt therapies, including gargling through salt, salt bathing, and neti pots, can be used traditionally and nowadays also practiced. These therapies are used to treat mouth and throat infections, also suitable for flu and those with low asthma problems and lower respiratory conditions. For gargling, the good salt is Himalayan salt because it is harvested through the hands and also has the ability to germs.

From Where to Buy Himalayan Salt

Standard salt is the leading company worldwide and offers you a high-quality Himalayan salt product. Their products are salt blocks, salt bricks, Edible pink Himalayan salt, Candle holder, salt plates, salt lamps, Black salt, and many more.

They also manufacture and export and produce high-quality products and bulk Himalayan salt. Since 1999, we have been extracting 100% natural Himalayan pink salt straight from the Himalayan Hills, transporting it to the factory securely and cleanly, and manufacturing quality art works.

F.A.Qs: Which Salt is Best: Himalayan Salt and Celtic Sea Salt

 Can you gargle with salt daily?

Yes, you can gargle ( holt salt water mixture in your mouth, which helps treat oral infections) daily with salt, especially Himalayan salt. Even you can gargle salt a day one or two times. If you do mouth, rinse multiple times and also swallow water, which helps prevent dehydration. 

Is gargling with Salt good for oral health?

For teeth and the mouth, salt is good for you. Suppose you rinse your mouth daily with salt water for oral infection and health. In it, calcium is present, which helps to strengthen your teeth and bones.

Is Himalayan Salt good for a mouth rinse?

Regularly gargling with pink Himalayan salt water can help remove bacteria from the teeth and gums, avoiding plaque and tartar development. When you’re sick, a saltwater gargle can help remove irritants like allergies and fungi from your throat by breaking up thick mucus.

Which is healthier Himalayan or Celtic salt?

Is Celtic salt Better Than Himalayan Salt? Indeed, Himalayan salt is superior to Celtic salt. More trace elements are present in Celtic salt than in table salt. These trace minerals still do not exist in sufficient amounts to have a major impact on a person’s health.

Is Celtic Sea Salt good for diabetics?

For diabetics in particular, the important minerals in Celtic sea salt are beneficial because they help maintain a mineral balance that enhances insulin sensitivity.

Does Celtic Sea Salt have mercury?

Researchers examined the levels of heavy metals in a variety of “gourmet” salts, such as Himalayan Pink and Celtic Grey, with table salt and artificially produced salt.

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