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Pink Salt vs. Sea Salt: Which is better?

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If we look around and focus then most of our daily usage things have salt in them. Our cleaners and detergents have salt in different forms. We eat different things that have salt in them even if we are not adding it. Life is not possible without it because our body needs it to function properly. Our muscles and brain cells need it the most for functioning properly. There are many salts like sea salt, pink salt, table salt, black salt, rock salt, kosher salt, and Himalayan salt. In this article, the difference between pink himalayan salt and sea salt will be discussed.

All About Sea Salt

In pink salt or sea salt, the normal sea salt is obtained from a process of evaporation or extraction. The sea water is concentrated with different minerals and salts. When it is evaporated, what is left is Sea Salt.

This process of extraction takes a lot of time and money. Because of the evaporation process, the salt left is in a crystalline form and granular texture. It adds a crunch to the bite if added as a dressing. Because the processing and harvesting procedure of sea salt requires more labor and equipment, it becomes expensive.


What are Uses of Sea Salt

There are many advantages of the Sea salt business and many uses of this salt as well, some of which are listed below.

  1. Sea Salt is used in the salt balls of bath bombs.
  2. Sea salt is known to boost immunity.
  3. It is known to cure Arthritis and other joint pains as well.
  4. The sea salt rejuvenates skin and removes visible signs of aging.
  5. It is a key ingredient in different chocolate recipes.
  6. Almonds and other nuts are roasted in this salt.
  7. It is known to improve the working of the gastrointestinal tract.
  8. Many people use it as a seasoning for steaks, salads, and tropical fruits.

Health Benefits of Sea Salt

Following are the benefits of sea salt:

  1. Sea Salt is beneficial for joint pains and arthritis.
  2. It improves GI functioning.
  3. Sea salt also boosts immunity.
  4. It is used as a skin exfoliant.

Where Sea Salt Comes from?


As the name suggests, the sea salt is manufactured by evaporating the water from the sea. First, the water is harvested from the sea, then it is transported to the manufacturing unit where its water is evaporated and what’s left of it is salts and minerals. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the sea salt comes from the sea.


Sea salt is famous all around the world for its crunchy and granular texture. It was so named as “sea salt” because of its origin. It is used for different therapies and skin care as well. Because of its health benefits, people are replacing it with normal salt. For evident health benefits, you have to consume it daily in your diet.

All About Pink Salt

If we talk about the differences between pink salt or sea salt. Then pink salt was so named because of its very pink appearance. This pink hue is due to the presence of different minerals in abundance. Pink salt is another name for the very famous Himalayan Salt.

It is mined from the salt mines of Khewra, a district in Punjab. These mines of pink salt were discovered by Alexander in 320 BC when he was normally passing by. Pink salt is exported from Pakistan to all over the world and people love it for its unique taste and health benefits.

What are the Uses of Pink Salt

Pink salt is used in different categories for different purposes. Here are some of its uses.

  • It is used in different types of inhalers for the therapeutic treatment of Asthma.
  • For the making of Salt balls for bath bombs, pink salt is a major Component.
  • One of its most important uses is in the cooking department.
  • People use it as an exfoliant on the skin.
  • It is an essential part of many essential oils.
  • Pink salt is also used in air purifiers.
  • Pink salt is used all over the world for preserving food. For instance, it is an important component of canned food items.

Pink Salt Health Benefits

The benefits of pink salt are enlisted below.  

  • Its rejuvenating properties are good for skin health.
  • Is an important ingredient of exfoliators.
  • Pink salt is known for curing diabetes.
  • For various respiratory disorders, especially Asthma, pink salt is used.
  • The sodium content is very low which is not a threat to hypertensive people.
  • People also use pink salt to boost immunity.
  • Pink salt provides muscle relief as well.
  • It relieves sinuses and other complications related to it.


Himalayan Salt

Because pink salt is ancient, it is eminent all over the world. From the mines of Khewra, it is exported all over the world. If you have any deficiencies then pink salt will help you to combat them. Add it to your routine and diet and see the magic yourself.

Mineral Content

MineralHimalayan saltSea salt
Calcium1.6 %0.13 %
Sodium49 %33.80 %
Chloride49 %5.40 %
Potassium2.8 %23 %
Magnesium1.06 %0.44 %

Brief Comparison of Differences between Himalayan pink Salt or Sea Salt

1. Pink Salt

  • Pink salt or Himalayan Salt is mined from the Salt Mines of Khewra.
  • The pink salt has a very fine texture and powdery pink appearance.
  • The manufacturing process of pink salt is less complicated.
  • Pink salt is not expensive because it is found in abundance.
  • Pink salt boosts immunity and improves deficiencies.
  • It is available in the market in abundance.

2. Sea Salt

  • The sea salt’s major source is the sea, and it is evaporated from the water in big chambers.
  • It has a white color with a crystalline structure and granular texture.
  • The manufacturing process is more complicated.
  • Sea salt is a bit expensive because of its extraction process.
  • This salt also improves immunity.
  • Its availability is limited in the markets.


The major differences between sea salt are that it’s manufactured, and processed. The texture of both the salts is also different and they taste different as well. Pink salt or sea salt is ground while sea salt is crystalline and granular.

Both salts are known to be beneficial for skin health and they treat respiratory anomalies as well. salt balls are now used as bath bombs and both sea salt and Himalayan salt is used in their making. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle without worries then adding pink salt or sea salt is a must in your diet.

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