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Salt is one of the major and essential minerals found on the earth that has great importance in flavoring food, every dish is incomplete without the spice of salt with numerous medical advantages. It is an inexpensive ingredient that has the secret to flavor any dish. There are many kinds of salts available for you in the market.

Himalayan salt is the great alternative for your regular table salt that is harvested in the Himalayas, in the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan formed by the seawater and buried under ultimate pressure for centuries and an all-natural, chemicals and additive-free. Himalayan salt contains eighty-four different elements and minerals that make it more hygienic.

This salt is present in various grain sizes with different colors making it an adaptable and multifaceted mineral. You can have the right desirable salt according to your requirements for your dishes. Himalayan pink salt is in great use due to its variety of sizes and beneficial impacts

Why Need Different Sizes Of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is available in various sizes as per its need and requirement, every food or dishes need different kinds of salt preferences like pink Himalayan salt is used primarily for every seasoning dishes meat, salad, eggs, junk food and likewise

Different sizes provide us some convenience for using it in various ways, as it suits the taste of food. The crystal sizes include large, small, medium sizes.  Let’s discuss different sizes of Himalayan salt;

So there are various sizes available in the market as

  • Extra Fine Himalayan Salt
  • Fine Himalayan Salt
  • Medium Grain Himalayan Salt
  • Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Himalayan Salt Chunks

Himalayan extra fine grain salt is the smallest size of the salt present in the fine powdery forms it is the most commonly used salt in food because of its fine use, it is n the form that you can sprinkle on your cooked dishes as salad, egg, popcorn and various other kinds of snacks.

An appreciated thing about this kind of salt is its powdery texture that can easily mix with the food so you don’t have to cook your dishes again after adding salt, it is an ideal form for backing as well because it can be measured easily. Its size is approximately about 0-0.2mm 

The other form of Himalayan salt that is fine-grain Himalayan Pink Salt is the most common salt that is used in our daily life fulfilling your daily sodium chloride intake, it is the extraordinary perfect and well-known size of grain that is used for cooking soup, sauces, barbecue, etc.

Not only for cooking but also a great source of skin replenishes, used as salt baths and scrub responsible for removing all dirt, toxins, and excess oil from your body and provides you the relaxing bath by dissolving salt in hot water, it can detox your skin from bacteria and germs. Among a wide range of various sizes, it is the most generally utilized structure.

Medium Grain Himalayan Salt

As the name represents the medium size, it is the salt that is smaller in size than coarse and larger than fine Himalayan salt that can be used as an herbal remedy by mixing it in herbs as well as dining table décor and kitchen because of its pink crystal color

Medium salt provides an intact essence, texture, and color with its huge flavor in steaks, meat, and vegetables when rubbed on it for grilling. Aside from its taste it provides the mending and restorative advantage to the body as well as skin, they are ideal to use as scrubbers, detoxifiers and act as the healer and give therapeutic impact to the body.

Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt

In comparison with other sizes and types of Himalayan salt coarse Himalayan Pink Salt has the largest size due to its large crystals and harsh texture it is suitable for koshering meat dishes. It had great importance in flavoring by crushing on steak, salad, and fruits using a grilling mill

Coarse Himalayan salt can help keep the food fresh and moisture-proof for a longer time and suits the best with flavors of dishes without overpowering the food with extra salty flavor. The large crystals of pink coarse salt do not penetrate the meal easily and pull outing the protein from its depths

Himalayan Salt Chunks

Himalayan Pink Salt Chunks is formed by hand-harvested techniques from big rocks that make instead different products these large chunks of salt are carved to form Himalayan salt lamps that have their charm as a décor. Smaller chunks are used to sprinkle on different dishes

These chunks are further had various utilization and applications. Salt pieces bins and lamps have huge importance and value in the market. Energetic sports drinks are formed  with the help of Himalayan salt chunks by dissolving pieces of salt in water overnight and preparing a concentrated solution take a small quantity of solution and dissolve it in water to form this drink

How Himalayan Salt Is Better Than Regular Salt?

Concerning the regular table salt Himalayan pink salt is considered better and more hygienic because it contains more than 80 minerals and elements like calcium, potassium, iron, etc. these elements play role in the detoxification process and help get rid of harmful bacteria. So, it is preferred more than regular salt

  • Himalayan salt contains more minerals than regular salt, it is rich in iodine naturally that helps the body to maintain electrolytic balance and promote your intestine to absorb nutrients but regular salt adds iodine artificially that don’t have as much advantage.
  • Mineral content in Himalayan salt balances the pH of the body, which leads to better immunity and improves our digestion
  • Himalayan salt can provide natural exfoliator, salt crystal with olive oil and coconut oil can provide smoother and softer skin
  • It can ensure the proper flow of fluid in our body by maintaining minerals and hormones and help improve your body’s insulin level.
Standard Salts

Standard Salts

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