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Top Himalayan Salt Manufacturers In Pakistan

Himalayan Salt

If you are looking for the best quality Himalayan salt, you should know the top Himalayan salt manufacturers in Pakistan. When it comes to your health; quality matters.

However, the top manufacturers will guide your journey if you want to set up a Himalayan salt business. You can follow them or can also beat them. But for that, you must know the top Manufactures in Pakistan.

Himalayan Salt

Here is the list:

1) Standard Salts

Established in 1999, Standard salts is the leading exporter, supplier, distributor, and manufacturer of Pink Himalayan salt in Pakistan. This company claims to have 400 employees and more than 300 customers worldwide.

Although they are the top manufacturers in Pakistan, They also serve in different countries worldwide, which has increased their popularity.

High-quality salts are their main priority because they give no compromise to the customer’s health. The purity and quality make Himalayan salt different from synthetic salt. So it’s a prominent part.

With premium quality, they offer reasonable prices to their customers. They usually export that salt over the world at a wholesale rate. Their company produces various kinds of products, as the benefits of Himalayan salt are vast, so the product types also vary.

Standard Salts private limited produces Piece Grade salt, which is exported internationally. This is the Bulk form of salt used to produce various products. Industrial salt and Kular salt can be used in industries for production.

However, their product list still needs to finish here. They are a significant source of lamp salt, Iodized salt, and animal salt, which fall in the rock salt category. Although, the production of salt varies with the process of use. For example, if the salt is for animal licking, it will be in rock form. Or if it is needed for cooking purposes, the fine or coarse form will be manufactured.

Thus, Standard Salt is among the top manufacturers in Pakistan. Offering premium quality salt in Bulk form or shaped in different products. Their salt lamps or other room decorators are of excellent quality at affordable prices.

Pink Himalayan Salt

2) HR Salt

        HR salt is one of Pakistan’s top brands that manufacture and supply Pink Himalayan salt. They offer good quality and VIP support and on-time delivery. They are well known for quality assurance.

HR Salt is a sub-branch of the Al Azeem plant. They supply Himalayan salt to global food manufacturers in Bulk. They have their core values, which can’t be compromised.

3) Pink Salt Miners

       Every company has its importance. That comes from their crucial fact. All the manufacturers have strong values, and we can choose them according to them.

       Pink salt miners are well known for their trusted exporting business. The two brothers from Karachi own these Pink salt miners, and this company is their sister branch.

 However, they are also great manufacturers of Himalayan pink salt and supply internationally. The list of their products starts with Bulk Himalayan salt, Pink salt lamps, Sticks, and Tablewares and ends with Salt lollipops. They have many customers in Pakistan but are also located worldwide. The USA, UK, Canada, and Australia are on top.

4) Ittefaq Salt

            Which is the first exporter of Pink Himalayan salt in Pakistan? Ittefaq Salt. They are the manufacturers and exporters of Himalayan salt since 1983.

If you want the best competition for your company, it can be Ittefaq salt. But every company has its importance and role in the country’s development.

 However, they claim to have customers on six continents. A  big company with a complete list of products. They are the suppliers of all kinds of products of Pink Himalayan salt. So, you can find every salt product on their website.

5) Pak Mines

                  They are the manufacturer and exporter of Himalayan salt products in Pakistan. Their products include pink salt lamps, grilling slabs, and Spa products. They have customers all over the world, so they supply internationally.

                As every company has its unique point, its goal is to spread awareness of Himalayan pink salt and its benefits to the public. And if we see their record, they are fulfilling their mission.

A Bowl Of Pink Himalayan Salt


Thus, Pakistan has a great list of manufacturers and suppliers of Himalayan salt. Different countries rely on Pakistan for Pink salt, the most significant source.

All the manufacturers have their core value, as Standard Salt gives quality guarantees at economical prices. You can choose according to your preference.

As Himalayan salt is an excellent product with many benefits, its manufacturers and exporters are also increasing in Pakistan. You have to choose the best.

Standard Salts

Standard Salts

We are one of the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Himalayan Salt Products in Pakistan.

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