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Snow White Granules:

Snow white granule cane be either white crystal powder or granular method, tasteless, unscented. Seeming density 800-1100kg/m3 solvable in thinned hydrochloric acid, diluted nitric acid and acetic acid. Food grade 18%DCP is low solvable in water, insoluble in liquor; And has remained heated over 90-degree temperature. It starts to misplace its crystal water and translate to calcium pyrophosphate above 400-degree temperature. Besides, 18%DCP is inferior moisture captivating. Standard Salts is a well-known chemicals & reserves dealing firm, functioning from prime locations. After obtaining from natural mines, these are handled under disinfected conditions so as to deliver products of international excellence typical abidance. For consultation requirements of numerous industries and submission areas, we work hard and propose minerals in several number packs. we are working the vision of becoming largest mineral provider in the area with our extraordinary valuable products.

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