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What Is Smoked Salt: A Flavor Secret

Smoked salt, which is a unique food flavoring component

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Smoked salt is maybe rock salt or sea salt that has been smoked to provide a smoky and aromatic flavor. Smoked salt is ideal if you want to taste and flavor your food without actually smoking it.

Salt is an incredible cooking ingredient-stabilizing, binding, and flavor-intensifying properties making it perfect for every dish. But did you know that simple salt isn’t the only kind there is? 

Among different flavored salts and spices, you will see something extra that gives some aroma and complexity to your favorite dishes. You know what it is? 

It’s smoked salt, which is a unique food flavoring component, and we are sure this special ingredient will surprise you. 

So Let’s start our journey to know what is smoked salt, its formation, types, uses, and more you will find here about this unique type of salt. Read on!

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What Is Smoked Salt?

Smoked salt is an aromatic type of salt prepared over a smoke of any bark-free wood- the preferred wood options are oak, hickory, mesquite, alder, and apple, which gives it a barbecue-like flavor.

It’s perfect for providing a smoky flavor and intensifying the integral taste of dishes like grilled vegetables and steak. Besides, it can be used to rub or marinate the fish or meat. 

Is smoked salt similar to smoked flavored salt?

Smoked salt and smoked flavored salt are both different. Smoked salt is a natural flavoring product to add smoky flavor to your foods, while smoked flavor salt is made with artificial flavoring.

What Does Smoked Salt Taste Like?

The taste of smoked salt depends on the wood used to generate the smoke and the type of salt needed to be smoked. Different woods give different flavors to different salts, such as hickory, which will provide intensive flavor, while fruity woods like apples will give a delicate and unique sweet, smoky flavor.

There are also taste differences between salts; Himalayan salt and sea salt both have subtle flavors because of their high mineral profile.

What Is Smoked Salt Used For?

Uses of smoked salt
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Smoked salt can be used to rub the meat or fish before grilling, roasting, pan-frying, or boiling to give it a smoky flavor. It is also perfect for eggs, poultry, and vegetables and may be used as finishing salt. But always remember that its small quantity can give a big flavor to your food because of its intense smoked flavor.     

Best Type Of Salt To Use For Smoking?

Before choosing the salt to smoke, make sure it should be granular with a large surface area for good absorption of smoke. So ordinary table salt is out of choice.

Otherwise, it depends on your flavor choice and what you want to cook. Some good salts to smoke are Himalayan salt, sea salt, and kosher salt. But the most preferable salt is Himalayan salt because of its high mineral profile.

Best Wood For Smoking Salts

Different woods give different flavors; try Mesquite or Hickory if you want a strong wood flavor. You can use Pecan to get the sweet flavor for a nutty taste. You could go with fruitwood like Maple Harwood or apple, which always remain preferable options.

How Is Smoked Salt Made?

Different methods are used to make smoked salt; we have discussed them here. 

The smoker is set at 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit in this method. But remember, the wood should be soaked in water before putting it into a smoker. Then, place the salt tray into the smoker for 3 to 4 hours to achieve the desired flavor.

In this method of salt smoking, the smoker is set at 80-degree degrees Fahrenheit. Use the dry wood chips in the smoker, then put your salt tray into the smoker for 12 to 13 hours to make it smoky.

In the traditional way of salt smoking, first, you need to heat the salt in a pan, then put the wood chips into the salt, cover it, and then let it smoke.

How To Make Smoked Salt Without A Smoker

Take half a cup of any coarse salt, it may be Himalayan salt, sea salt, or kosher salt, and mix it with half a teaspoon of liquid smoke. Spread it on the plate and put it into the oven for 2-3 minutes. Remember to dry it thoroughly before using it to avoid it from clumping.

Different Types Of Smoked Salt

Smoked salts are categorized according to their smoky wood flavor. The most famous types of smoked salt are discussed here.

This salt is prepared by smoking coarse salt over the mesquite wood chips. After smoke absorption, it gives a bold, earthy flavor, which is perfect for meats, seasonings, and vegetables.

When coarse salt is smoked using the hickory wood, you will get hickory smoked salt. This salt has a strong smoky flavor, which gives an excellent taste to your seasoning meats and vegetables. It is also perfect for spice mixture, BBQ rub, and frying meals.

This salt comes after smoking the coarse salt over the Alderwood chip. Its sweet taste imparts flavor to your seasoning vegetables, seafood, and sweet treats, particularly cookies and brownies.

This sweet, fruity, smoked salt is made by smoking granular salt over an Applewood fire. It is perfect for BBQ rubs, spice blends, soup, seasoning chicken, pork, and vegetables. It can also be used for your favorite cocktail.

The delicate wine flavor of this smoked salt is gained by smoking coarse salt like Himalayan salt over the Chardonnay oak wood chip. This salt is perfect for salad, marinades, seasoning vegetables, poultry, and seafood.

Benefits Of Smoked Salt

Here, I have mentioned some benefits of smoked salt. 

How Long Does Smoked Salt Last

Proper storage of smoked salt can make it long-lasting for up to five years. But with time, it starts to lose its flavor and may absorb moisture, which can make it clumpy. So, to increase its shelf life, store it in an air-tight container and place it in a dry and cool place.

What In Your Mind?

No, smoking Epsom salt is not recommended. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, which can release harmful fumes when burned. It is intended for external use in baths and should not be inhaled.

Smoking regular table salt is not safe. Inhaling salt smoke can irritate the respiratory system and cause discomfort. It is crucial to avoid smoking any substance not intended for consumption.

To make smoked salt, you can use a smoking method with wood chips or a smoker. Place coarse salt on a tray, expose it to the smoke, and let it absorb the flavors. Seal in a container once desired smokiness is achieved.

Smoked salt can enhance the flavor of various dishes. Sprinkle it on grilled meats, roasted vegetables, or desserts to add a smoky depth. Use it sparingly as a finishing touch for a unique culinary experience.

Hickory smoke salt is a variety of smoked salt infused with the rich, savory flavor of hickory wood. It adds a distinct smokiness to dishes and works well with grilled meats, barbecue, and hearty stews.


When it comes to what is smoked salt? It’s a flavor enhancer for all your foods, from savory to sweet treats. This salt is formed using different methods and woods to smoke the salt. The most popular woods are apple, Hickory, Mesquite, and Alderwood. Different woods give different flavors, from sweet to bold and smoky flavor.

Smoked salt is perfect for adding instant salty and bold smoky flavor to your dishes like grilled vegetables and steak. Besides, it is good to rub or marinate the fish or meat. So you can prepare your smoked salt for long-term use with proper air-tight storage and can elevate your cooking experience with this surprising ingredient. 

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