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Himalayan Salt Wall Construction (Building & Installation)

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Salt wall construction is becoming trendy for the interior of health spas and homes, especially for people who want entirely furnished homes. Most people prefer the installation of Himalayan salt bricks in their standard rooms because of their eye-relaxing color and air-cleaning properties.

Salt Wall Construction

Salt wall construction is a customized project constructed according to the style of the walls and demand. It is built like traditional walls, using the same material the brick workers fix.

But before the salt wall construction and installation, a consultation with a professional is essential to ensure that the walls and floors can bear the weight of the salt blocks. Because the salt bricks are high in importance.

The standard weight of the salt block that is usually used for 8ft×8ft walls is 1×4×8 3lbs and 2×4×8 1.216 5.36lbs.

This blog discusses some considerations and ideas for salt wall installation, including cost. So, let’s move on to stretch our topic to explore different salt wall construction ideas and more.

What Is A Salt Wall?

Salt bricks or salt panels construct salt walls. We are preparing the salt bricks with the unique pure organic pink Himalayan salt mined from the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. It shows a characteristic pink hue because of the high content of minerals, including Fe, Mg, Ca, and K. We craft salt bricks in different sizes and shapes according to customers’ demands.

Why Himalayan Salt Bricks?

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Using Himalayan salt bricks or tiles to construct health spas, rooms, and walls in homes and restaurants has become trendy because of its health benefits. These Himalayan salt bricks are prepared from pure pink Himalayan salt from the Himalayan foothills in Pakistan without any additives.

They reach out to you for the construction of a health club and rooms for your himalayan salt therapy. The term halo therapy is used for the treatment of respiratory issues. In addition, lightened salt bricks discharge the negative ions that boost the effect of halo therapy.

What Are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are microscopic, tasteless, and odorless molecules that we breathe excessively in specific environments like salt rooms and mountainous and coastal areas. The negative ions stimulate the biochemical reactions, and as a result of this, serotonin chemical is released that helps to reduce your depression and make you happy.

What Do Negative Ions Do To Your Body?

The negative ions are the Vitamins of air that increase oxygen flow toward your brain. As a result, it decreases your tiredness and increases your body’s energy.

Besides negative ions, they also protect you from the microbes in the air that cause coughs, throat allergies, and sneezing-like irritation.

We can say negative ions boost your cell metabolic activity. They strengthen your immune system, balance your autonomic nervous system, and are helpful for your sleep and healthy digestion.

Himalayan Salt Wall Benefits

The Himalayan salt wall has multiple benefits. These walls are built up with salt bricks made from the pure organic pink Himalayan salt mined from the Himalayas in Pakistan. So, let’s see the health benefits of this organically produced product step by step.

  • Improve respiration

The inhaling of negative ions helps purify the air from the germs that make breathing smooth. It also improves respiration by treating asthma, sinus blockage, and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

  • Reduce seasonal flu and Allergies

Salt inhaling is considered a strong antihistamine. That gives you temporary relief by reducing allergies and irritation. It also makes your mucus thin, less sticky, and easy to discharge with microbes that cause allergies and flu.

  • Boost blood and lymphatic circulation

Salt inhalation stimulates the lymphatic flow. Here, how does salt help circulation? Clarify that by salt therapy, water can quickly move across the cell membranes and in blood vessels. For the proper functioning of the body, water must remain in some areas. Salt is a chemical that can absorb moisture in blood and maintain your body’s blood volume.

  • Enhance immune system

Regular salt therapy has many positive effects on your health. It helps improve your defense system by removing germs, reducing inflammation, increasing white blood cells, and increasing oxygen absorption in the blood. 

  • Help to Reduce Stress

Because of its eye-relaxing color, the salt provides a calming environment. Besides, it releases negative ions that increase oxygen flow toward your brain. This flow reduces your fatigue and provides energy to your brain. 

Method Of Salt Wall Installation

Choosing the right place to install a salt wall is an essential step. It can be standard rooms or a health spa center. Before its installation, you should consider the size of the room, approachability, and air conditioner to make a functional and comfortable salt room.

To make your salt room functional and durable, you must know how to install salt bricks to make walls. Two methods are commonly used to install salt walls, which we will discuss in the section below.

  • Adhesive-free salt wall installation

This is the most common method which is used for the installation of salt walls. This salt wall installation uses a metal profile in which the salt bricks or tiles are stacked without adhesive or mortar. This method is considered quick and easy, and it is best to stand your wall separately. With no glue and mortar, it produces a natural glow that gives you peace of mind and maximum health benefits.  

  • Gluing salt wall installation

In this method, some adhesive like glue is used to attach the salt bricks or tiles on the walls. This method gives more durability and is appropriate for the larger salt walls. Before using any adhesive or mortar for the installation of bricks or tiles, make sure it is compatible or not with bricks because adhesives play significant roles in making salt walls more durable.

However, this method has disadvantages the adhesive cannot support the backlights, and removing it from the wall is challenging.

Second, it makes a layer on the salt bricks or tiles that makes the salt therapy ineffective. You can make this method more effective by following some points mentioned below.

You must attach the net that helps set your salt bricks before their installation.

Second, you should mix the salt crystal with another adhesive rather than glue because inhaling the mixture with glue may be dangerous for respiration.

Tips For Building A Salt Wall

Before the salt wall installation, you should remember some essential points for the perfect and functional salt wall construction in your rooms, restaurants, and well-being centers. So, let’s see what you should do step by step before constructing your pink Himalayan salt wall.

  • Sure, whether the salt bricks or tiles used to construct the salt wall are pure or not. Purchase it from a well-known salt brand like standard salt. Don’t use cheap or local brands to purchase salt tiles or bricks.
  • You should hire an experienced person to construct salt walls because the inexperienced person may spoil your salt wall construction.
  • If you want to fix the backlight, hire a professional electrician for safe and accurate backlight installation.
  • The most essential thing you must remember at the time of salt wall construction is the space between the salt tiles and the wall; this gap should be enough to keep the airflow. There should be enough space to maintain the backlights regularly.

How To Build A Salt Room

Image shows how to build a salt room
Image via: Standard Salts

When the salt therapy room is constructed, you should know the main points you require and the total salt wall construction and installation costs. Let’s clarify the answers to these questions in the below section.

What You Required For Salt Room?

The essential things you require to construct the salt therapy room are pure organic pink Himalayan salt, a halo generator, and seats. If you want to add other things, you can increase the number of visitors. However, the cost will increase if you add other decorating materials to your salt therapy room.  

How Much Does Salt Room Construction Cost?

The cost of the salt room construction varies. It ranges from $10,000 for a small living room and $40,000 for a large health spa. Initially, the price looks high, but it gives you a potential margin to get a high profit. To make your salt room project reasonable, consult an experienced constructor.  

Himalayan Salt Wall Panel

Most brands offer salt panels with LED lighting or without LED lighting. These panels are available in red, white, and pink color. These salt wall panels are built with pure Himalayan salt. You must keep in mind that the engineered panels are easy to remove and maintain.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does it cost to build a salt wall?

The cost of a salt wall installation varies based on size, materials used, and the complexity of the design. On average, prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

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Wrap Up

Salt wall construction using Himalayan salt bricks offers an aesthetic appeal and health benefits. Understanding negative ions, respiratory advantages, and methods of installation are essential. Considerations for salt room construction and costs provide insight into creating functional, therapeutic spaces.

Himalayan salt bricks can be purchased from various online and offline retailers. When purchasing Himalayan salt bricks, you must make sure you are buying from a reputable source (Standard Salts). The bricks should be made from pure Himalayan salt and not be dyed or treated with chemicals. You should also check the bricks’ size and thickness to ensure they are compatible with your salt wall project.

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