Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are manufactured by Standard Salts in a great variety and most of their eminent salt lamps include Iron Basket lamps, Fire Bowl Lamps, Geometrical Lamps, and Figure Lamps. Salt lamps have the whole or half body made from the salt rocks or by carving the salt rocks and after that, a bulb is installed in that. It is great for health and also gives pretty cool aesthetic vibes to the environment.
You can add them to your room and also at your offices. Here are further details about our Salt Lamps.

Exceptional Health Benefits

The salt lamps manufactured by Standard Salts can give you the following benefits if you add them to your daily routine.

  • Treats Insomnia: salt lamps are known to treat insomnia. These lamps release anions that create a calming environment and are pretty comfortable to induce sleep. After adding Salt lamps to the rooms, people with insomnia will no longer have to deal with sleepless nights.
  • The Salt lamps also help with mood swings. For instance, there is a person that you know has to deal with anger issues and gets emotional really easily, you can gift him a salt lamp and after using it you will see that the salt lamp will put a great positive impact on that person.
  • Our salt lamps also help to reduce the discomfort of people who have problems related to respiratory discomfort and distress. The salt lamp is effective for people who have Asthma.
  • Salt lamps release anions and various germs-killing agents that after being released into the air kill all the germs and get into their detoxifying mode. They function as a detoxifier in the environment.

Standard Salt is really proud to introduce such products that help to fight off various disorders and conditions and improves the health at the same time.