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Is Rock salt is better than sea salt?


Salt is an essential cooking ingredient and most important component in our daily lives. Especially the kitchen and dining are not complete without this fundamental component. You can say, Salt is the main ingredient of our cooking, it enhances the taste of food. The taste of food is surely increase due to it’s presence in our food. It is basically made up of various kind of minerals and electrolytes, these minerals are really essential for our health. The main mineral of salt is the sodium chloride, about 90% to 95% salt is made up of sodium chloride.


There are many kinds of salt, that are prevailing in the market, these involved sea salt, rock salt, black salt and mixture of these salts. In which rock salt and sea salt are top of the list, due to it’s high level demand in market. The Question is, which salt is the best salt? Is Rock salt is better than the sea salt? So, here in this blog, we are going to explore these two kinds of salt, their advantages and the differences between these two famous salts. First of all, we all need to know, is the main difference between Rock salt and sea salt. Here are the main key points, that would be enough for the understanding about these two salts.

  • Source of the salt

Normally, the rock salt source are the salt rocks, that are formed naturally near the area of oceans. Similarly, the sea salt comes from the sea, after the process of water evaporation, it is available normally in the of the bottom of sea and with the edges of the sea.

  • Minerals and electrolyte Ratio

The Ratio of minerals and electrolytes between the two salts are different from each other. Rock salt contains more healthy minerals and it is really beneficial for health, whereas the sea salt contains more impurities with less healthy minerals. Various minerals in both salts includes sodium, calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. Rock salt consists of many other minerals with less sodium, that makes it healthier salt for everyone.

  • Taste

The taste of both salts are also different with each other. Rock salt is more accurate and appealing than sea salt. Rock salt taste really amazing and it will surely enhance your taste buds as well. On the other hand, sea salt would be less tasty than Rock salt due to high amount of sodium, taste will be so strong. Sea salt mostly use in processed foods and ready to eat food, in which frozen items and chocolates are included.

Salt Mines in Pakistan

Pakistan is a blessed country with lots of natural resources, in which salt mines are also included. Khewra salt mines are top of the list, which are really near to Himalayan range of mountains. These mines produces the huge amount of pink Himalayan salt throughout the whole year. Pakistan not only fulfill the need of own country but the pink Himalayan salt is also export to other countries. There are huge amount of consumers for this salt not only within the Pakistan, but outside the Pakistan as well. Khewra mines are also a biggest attraction point for tourists, every year people come here to visit and see the great khewra salt mines. International tourists also visit khewra mines to see the heritage and culture of Pakistan, because internal area of mines are specially designed for tourists.

Tourists can see different kinds of things made from Himalayan salt, through which culture of Pakistan will be identify clearly. For instance there is a amazing mosque, beautiful lamps and many other things made of salt and that will amaze you surely. Nowadays, people like to use pink Himalayan salt, rather than the any other kind of salt. It’s just because of its huge advantages and many healthcare elements. It is also known as khewra mine salt, because it comes from khewra mines near the Himalayas in Pakistan. It naturally looks pinkish type due to the presence of iron oxide. Khewra is considered the second largest salt mine not only of Pakistan, but of the whole world. A brilliant and skilled team of workers are working on it and bring the most authentic part of Himalayan pink salt. It contains less sodium as compared to other salts. It is a best alternative of any other high sodium salt.

There are many Himalayan pink salt Manufacturers in Pakistan, they all doing their work accurately.A proper team of professional workers are making this difficult task of mining so easy, with their great efforts. People especially come here from far away places to see these great pink Himalayan range of mountains and especially khewra mines.

There are many benefits and uses of pink Himalayan salt, these are as mentioned below:-

  • It will be the healthier option, especially for high blood pressure patients, because it contains less sodium than other salts.
  • The taste of pink Himalayan salt is far better than the other salt or sea salt, it will surely enhance the taste of your food. Therefore people like to use pink salt on daily basis, rather than other salt.
  • There are many other essential minerals and electrolytes are included in huge quantity in pink salt with sodium. These are almost more than 80 minerals, that makes it more healthier as compared to other salts.

Healthy Essential Minerals of Rock salt

  • Hydrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Iron
  • Iodine
  • Silver
  • Cesium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Tin
  • Antimony
  • Barium
  • Lanthanum
  • Potassium
  • Barron
  • Calcium
  • Nitrogen
  • Zinc

With dietary use, there are many other none dietary uses are also a part of pink Himalayan salt. People are now more aware about the importance of sodium and other kind of minerals, they know very well, how important these elements are for skin, hairs and teeth. Many brands and famous companies are making products, in which they use various salts including Himalayan pink salt. Just because of it’s extreme benefits, many companies add it in various toothpastes with other nutrients. It will turn out really healthier option for teeth, as it stronger and whiter teeth. Likewise, skin care brands includes pink salt in different skin care products, because it will enhance your beauty through natural minerals. Similarly, hair care companies add the salt for healthy hair growth and for smoothness and shines of hairs.

Rock salt prices Pakistan


In Pakistan, there is the huge range of Rock salt available in markets. When we talk about the prices and rates of rock salt, so it will depend on it’s size and weight. Yes! Rock salt rate is according to it’s size and weight. The most important thing is that, it will be available in a very cheap and reasonable rate here in Pakistan. Due to the excessive demand and supply of rock salt, it is available in very affordable price throughout the Pakistan. For instance, rock salt rate of 1 kg would be the 50 to 60 pkr which is very reasonable and affordable price in Pakistan. Similarly, 2 kg rock salt would be about 110 to 120 pkr, which is quite good for whole month.

If you are living abroad and you want to buy rock salt from Pakistan, so you have to pay it’s delivery charges and tax as well. There are many Himalayan pink salt Manufacturers here in Pakistan, you can easily contact them through their online services and give them online order.You will receive your delivery within few days, rock salt will be the best choice for you and for your whole family. People in Pakistan mostly use rock salt due to it’s huge amount of benefits and health nutrients.

Now doctors are also suggesting to take it regularly, specially it is really good for heart and high blood pressure patients. If you have any heart disease, you may face many health issues with high sodium salt. In which heart and shortness of breath diseases, kidney stone, kidney shrinkage disease, and hypertension are most common. People with kidney disease, especially dialysis patients should not take any other salt due to the high sodium, potassium electrolytes.

Rock salt prices Pakistan also varies from area to area and city to city, but still there is no huge distance in prices all over the country. You will find out the rock salt cheaper than other salts, the rates also depends on quantity and shape of salt. Normally, people buy rock salt in the form of fine powder and in the form of fine grains. But there are still some people or some company owners, who like to buy large blocks of rock salt.They crush and make it’s fine powder by own self.So, all rates are depends upon their shape, quantity, size and kilograms. So, the results are much interesting regarding this matter. Pink Himalayan salt has excessive use due to it’s large health advantages and better taste, as compared toother salts. The Rock salt prices in Pakistan are also very reasonable and affordable.