Salt Lamp

The increasing popularity of Himalayan pink salt lamps can be credited to its health benefits and all the ways it improves the air quality.

Standard Salt brings the best quality Himalayan salt lamps with magnetic warm hues and recognized grade crystals that make certain to entrance everybody. We’ve a broad scope of salt lamps that incorporate common shapes, geometrical shapes, figure shapes, night light lamps, and USB lamps. Every single salt lamp are classified based on their size and weight they carry.

Known for their healing properties, our Himalayan Salt Lamps effectively minimizes negatively charged ions in the surroundings that help diminish harmful pollutants that damage mental and physical health.

Being the leading salt lamp manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, our lamps are made utilizing modern systems by our accomplished craftsmen. We utilize a wooden base for our lights that will last more and make a tasteful piece. These heavenly bits of nature make a calming atmosphere and promote recuperating and unwinding.

Standard Salt actualizes International Quality principles to meet each business needs. We aim to produce more all the while upholding the quality standards firmly.