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Pink Granules

Standard Salt Manufactures the best quality pink granules. Himalayan Salt comes in various colors as it is mined from the mountains, it gives different shades. The one which is Pink and not ground into a fine powder is known as Pink Granules. Pink Granules can be used in a wide variety of daily uses and it has innumerable health benefits as follow.

Additive-Free Pink Granules

Our pink granules are manufactured without impurities and no additives and preservatives are added to the granules in order to preserve their natural ingredients. Pink Granules have their spectacular natural pink color and are not because of any synthetic dye. In order to maintain the health factor, no impurities are added.

Enhances the Flavor of Food

Pink granules can easily replace your ordinary salt as they enhance the flavor of any food in which the pink granules are added. You can use Pink Granules as a dressing/seasoning of your salads and you will see the difference in taste yourself. Adding these Pink Granules in daily routine can be beneficial to your health. If salt is missing from a dish, it almost seems tasteless. So, enhance flavors by adding our pink granules to your food.

Exfoliating Properties of Pink Granules

Our highly beneficial pink granules with premium export quality can be used as an exfoliant for the body. It is recommended to use it only on the body and not the face as the granules have the perfect size for a body exfoliant. They gently remove all the dead skin, kill all the germs and bacteria found on the skin, restore the natural barrier of the skin.
People who suffer from swelling and inflammation every now and then should add our pink Granules in their daily routine as they have anti-inflammatory properties and are known best for this purpose.

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