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Light Pink Rock Salt

Standard Salt are a distinguished enterprise trading in the manufacturing and export of numerous salt products contrived from Himalayan Pink Salt. We are Himalayan Pink Salt traders in Pakistan, Himalayan indiscriminate suppliers Pakistan building us rampant in top of all salt corporations in Pakistan. Standard Salt is a company dedicated to enhancing the expenditure of these assets by mounting a whole diversity of Benign, Vigorous, Natural & Convenient Products; compatible to Intercontinental Values and owing to their distinctiveness & loftier superiority altitudes are a foundation of conceit to Pakistan.

Light Pink Rock salt is a sort of salt by Standard Salts that’s unsurprisingly pink in color and excavated nearby the Himalayas Mountains in Pakistan. It is pinkish because it comprises iron oxide. Light Pink Rock Salt comprises of 84 natural resources which are also essential for the human body. Standard Salt’s Light Pink Rock Salt comprises 85 percent of sodium chloride and 15 percent of potassium, calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate, the same natural resources originated in the crystal water. At this time there is adequately number of selections out there with high purchaser contentment rankings; however, our squad wind-swept the market to discover you the top of the best. Standard Salts are the traders of the best light pink rock salt mineral in Pakistan meeting the standards of best quality and exquisiteness of this light pink rock salt.

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