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Light Pink Granules

Light pink granules have a little large grain than our fine salt. Standard Salts manufactures one of the best-standardized quality light pink salt granules. They are in the purest form and mined directly from the ranges of the Himalayas with unparallel quality. They have a plethora of benefits in the health care industry and here are some of them.

Visible Depletion in the Inflammation

Consumption of our Light Pink Granules helps to lessen the inflammation in various parts of the body depending upon the root cause of inflammation. Because our salt has anti-inflammatory properties so it can be used to lower swellings. It also relieves joint pains in various patients. Some cases of insect bites were reportedly soothed after applying our light pink granules directly on the insect bite.

Stabilize Hydration Levels

Our salts do not require excessive water like other salts for the absorption and excretion process. They conserve water in the body and do not retain it. By doing so, they maintain the hydration balance of the body, and not much water is lost in excretion. They keep the body of a human hydrated and the person’s water reservoirs stay safe.

Natural Exfoliator for Skin

Our light pink salt granules have the natural ability to act as an exfoliant if used topically on the skin. While taking a shower, wet your body and use the salt as an exfoliant, it will remove all of the dead skin away from your body, left with smooth skin. The natural protective barrier will be restored as well. You just have to use it once a week.
Our Light Pink Salt Granules are exported almost all over the world and people love them for their health benefits and tasting abilities. It can be used as a dressing on different types of salads and you can also serve it with tropical fruits.

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