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Light Pink Extra Fine Salt

Light pink extra fine salt is one of the kinds of Himalayan salt manufactured by Standard Salts. Our Light pink extra fine salt is in purest powdered form and the difference between it and the other salt is that its color is a little light in pink. It has various health benefits and uses in various cuisines that are as follows.

Prevention of Edema in Hypertensive Patients

Our Light Pink Extra Fine Salt is highly extraordinary in quality and because of its very low quantity of sodium in the salt, it helps to prevent edema in hypertensive patients. Edema is a condition where water retention occurs due to high sodium content and it makes several pouches of water in various parts of the body. Our light pink extra fine salt helps to prevent this condition because it has very low amounts of sodium. It also helps in keeping the blood flow as normal as possible.

Elimination of Anemia

Our Light Pink Extra Fine Salt has innumerable types of minerals and nutrients and one of the major nutrients is Iron. When there is low availability of iron in one’s diet and daily intake of food. There is a very high chance that that person will have to deal with anemia and low Hb. This condition is quite common nowadays and we should prevent it, better than treating it.

Taste Enhancing Power of Salt

One of the best abilities that our light pink extra fine salt has is the ability that it enhances the taste of anything in which it is used. In some medications, it is used to lower the bitterness of the syrups and various medicines. It is used all over the world because of its taste-enhancing ability and major benefits in the health care industry.

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