Lick Salt

Lick Salt

Standard Salts have been serving their clients since 1999 and our manufacturing units are located in Lahore. We manufacture various salt and salt-based products and make sure that our customer is satisfied with the quality of the product that we manufacture. We own Himalayan salt mines, which have the purest salt in the world. Our Himalayan salt products are admired by people around the globe and mostly our high-quality lick salts. Here are all the details about our premium quality lick salts.

Finest Lick Salt for Your Animals

Himalayan pink salts are not just for humans to use but animals can also get various benefits from the salt products manufactured by our company. We manufacture the most premium quality lick salts that your cattle/horses/pony can lick. These lick salts have various benefits for the animals and they also prevent different diseases to spread in animals. These salts have superior detoxifying properties. So, if you haven’t added lick salt in your animal’s routine then add it now. It also increases the yield of milk in the animals. We export our lick salts to various countries and many milk farms buy them from us. Our lick salts are also used in various stables to provide the horses with proper health care.

Availability for Various Minerals

Our lick salts are mined from the Himalayan ranges which are over 550 million years old. Our lick salt has traces of up to 80 minerals but mostly they have iron, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. These minerals help to harden the hooves of animals and also aids to increase their fertility. The minerals help the blood flow to remain normal and healthy.

A plethora of Options for Lick Salts

We provide a diversity of options in the range of lick salts. We can customize the size shape and weight of the lick salt rock. We also add a hanging rope if required in the lick salt. Mainly our lick salt comes in oval/spherical and square shapes. They come in rectangular shapes as well.

Why Standard Salts to Put Your Faith In?

Here are all the reasons to put your faith in our company, Standard Salts.
  • The main reason for what standard salt is admired globally is because we add no additives, preservatives, coloring agents, and any kind of flavoring agents to our lick salts.
  • We make sure that the rocks of lick salts are mined with proper hygiene and they are manufactured with proper care.
  • The transportation from the mining point to the manufacturing unit is done with great care and proper cleanliness.
  • All of our products that are manufactured in our units have various certifications of hygiene and health care.
  • We never forget to satisfy our customers and maintain their trust in us.
Standard Salts is proud to export the highest quality lick salt in more than 40 counties around the world and is also proud to maintain the quality of its products. We keep improving the quality and manufacturing standards of our company.

The natural treasure found in the heart of Khewra mines in the Himalayan Mountains is not just for humans. Your cattle can benefit from it as well.

Mined from the huge and antiquated Himalayan Mountains, these licks are a 550 million year old wellspring of minerals and trace minerals for your pony or horse. The particular rose pink shading originates from the salt’s high mineral composition, including iron, potassium, and magnesium, which are on the whole imperative for maintaining wellbeing.

Mass-created salt licks are delivered utilizing salt with minerals included during the assembling procedure, however that is not the case with Himalayan salt processed by Standard Salts.

Animal licks we process, have all the minerals already present inside the salt. Himalayan stone salt licks are actually “rock hard,” implying that ponies and horses can’t nibble lumps off the square, an issue that can happen with gentler “pressed” salt licks. These licks are additionally progressively climate safe, which implies they can be securely left outside in the field for ponies to “self-portion.”

Standard Salt takes pride in the quality standards followed to deliver cattle salt and animal licks that ensure perfect health of your cattle.