What are the Largest Producers of Salt and Pure Sodium Chloride in Pakistan?

Salt is something that is found abundantly in Pakistan. The natural resources of salt fount in Pakistan are endless. Pakistan has the 2nd biggest reserve of the largest salt mines in the whole world. But this salt is needed to be first refined and made ready to be used. For that purpose, there are many industries in Pakistan that produce premium quality Sodium Chloride that not only the nationals eat but also gets exported. Industrial salt price in Pakistan was never high and was always affordable. Here are the details about the largest Pure Sodium Chloride Producers in Pakistan.

Standard Salts

Standard Salts started production in 1999. Since then, they have excelled in the quality of their products and the packaging as well. They not only want to provide great quality salt to the Pakistani nationals but they are also representing their Top-Quality salt to the world as well. They export the purest Salt and present the true culture of Pakistan to the world. Most other brands get their salt from them and sell it under their label. This is so because of the affordable Industrial salt price per ton. They do offer an extensive range of salt products which represents the true positive image of the country. 

They have a wide range of edible salt categories. They have the options of pink salt, light pink salt, table salt, and black salt, and these salts come in both refined grains and big grains. The thing which makes them the best is the fact that they follow the standard protocols from mining to manufacturing till the product reaches your doorstep. The mining is done very carefully and the salt is hand mined from the salt mines of Khewra. Then it is packaged carefully and sent off to the manufacturing units where it gets refined and then re-packaged to be able for you to use and for export as well. 

The table salt by Standard Salts is enriched with many major and minor minerals including potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and iodine. These minerals are a must-have in your diet. If you are consuming table salt by Standard Salts then you are already getting some of your daily required minerals from the salt.

Hub Pak Salt Refinery

Hub Salt is considered one of the largest producers in the salt industry in Pakistan as they have increased its salt exports from 400,000 tons a year to around 30 million. The total need for salt in the whole world is 300 million tons and is the 2nd largest salt reserve, Pakistan produces 400 million tons per year. Which is more than what the world needs. Hub Salts has a large contribution in adding up to those numbers. The hub Pak Salts are expanding and they are starting a new plant of production which will be located in Baluchistan over the land having an area of 150,000 acres. The production is expected to be started in 2023. This huge production will bring an influx of salt export and it will contribute to making Pakistan the 2nd largest exporter of salt in the world. 

Hub Pak Salt has 2 ways of salt production. One is from the natural reserves of the Khewra Mines and the 2nd one is from the Saline lakes and some of the landlocked bodies of the lakes that have a higher and stronger concentration of salts than water itself. In Sindh alone, there are more than 170 such types of lakes which are providing premium quality industrial salt. One of the major 2 lakes alone provides half a million tons of salt per annum. When it rains, it takes 5 to 6 months for that water to be ready for extraction and get enriched with salts. There are 70 permanent workers who work throughout the year and when the season is near, 800 people get employed to work for the extraction. Hub Pak Salt is not only helping Pakistan to achieve the target of exports, but also providing its people facilities of seasonal jobs.

Ghani Salts

Pakistan is the land of enriched soils and hidden treasures, and one of those is salt. Natural salt is rare all around the world but Pakistan has huge mines that wouldn’t end anytime soon. To know well about it we must know, how it got discovered? Hundreds of years ago, alexander the great was the one to discover the salt mines of Khewra, actually, it was his horse. They were passing by when he noticed that his horse began to lick a rock and that’s when the huge salt mines of Khewra got discovered. The salt extracted from the salt mines of Khewra is 99 % pure and used around the globe for edible purposes. 

Ghani Salts Private Limited is not only one of the largest producers of salt but they are also one of the largest exporters of salt as well. As the company was expanding, it was getting difficult for them to keep the quality in check. So, deciding on not to compromise the quality of their products, they divided Ghani Enterprises into 10 companies. All the companies have different tasks to do. This makes sure that neither the consumer nor the company itself has to compromise on the Quality of salt. And the results were beyond amazing. The salt they produce today is considered one of the top and premium quality salt. 

One of the great initiatives, which Ghani Salts took was to fortify it. Looking at the problem of iodine deficiency that Pakistan was facing, Ghani Salts decided to provide an iodine-fortified salt. It is just a normal table salt but it is fortified with iodine and you can actually buy it from the market as iodized salt. The normal simple table salt of Ghani Sal is enriched with other minerals as well like potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and iodine. 

Wrapping It Up!

Salt is an ingredient that is found almost in every cuisine around the globe. Considering the quality and purity of the Table Salt is crucially important. Standard Salts, Hub Pak Salt, and Ghani Salts are one of the largest producers of table salt in Pakistan and the largest exporters as well.