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Is Rock Salt Edible Or Not?

Rock Salt

Halite’s is another name for rock Salt it is made of Na and Cl so chemically we called it NaCl (Sodium Chloride) Rock Salt may be white in color or show different colors like (black, brown, orange, purple, and pink) due to the presence of different elements like Fe, S, Mg, Ca, and I. The most prominent color of the rock salt is pink due to the presence of Fe. This Rock Salt is mined from the Himalayas in Pakistan. That’s why Pakistan is the top exporter of Salt in the world.

Rock salt lumps

Is rock salt edible?

Rock salt is an edible salt but it can be fatal for your health if you take it in large quantities, as a result, it can cause many chronic diseases like cardiac problems, HBP, Imbalancement in electrolytes. So used its adequate amount (1500-2300 mg) but it should not be increased from 1500 mg per day for aged people and expected women.

Why It Is Different From The Ordinary Table Salt

The major difference is the size of the granules the crystal size of rock Salt is larger as compared to ordinary salt. It shows variation in color but other ones exist mostly white in color. Rock Salt is mined from the Himalayas and ordinary table Salt is extracted by the evaporation of the sea, and lake water.

Which One Is Better Rock Salt Or Ordinary Table Salt?

Salt is an important ingredient for our food and health but Himalayan rock salt is the best alternative to ordinary table salt due to a lot of its health benefits. Rock salt is free of chemicals it is pure but other salts like sea salt and ordinary table salt get impure during their refining process.

Rock Salt Benefits

Salt is an important part of our cooking it gives a different flavor to our foods. Rock salt is preferable as compared to ordinary table salt because of its mineral composition it is pure and does not need to be refined but other salts get impurities during the refining process and some important minerals evaporate during evaporation. This salt contains 84 elements that are essential for the human body for healthy growth like Ca, Mg, Zn, K, Fe, and Na.

Promote Healthy Life

Help In Digestion

Rock salt contains minerals and vitamins that help in digestion by increasing the movement of the bowel and does not cause any types of problems like heartburning, difficulty in passing feces from the colon, and production of gas in the small intestine. This salt also promotes the production of insulin which is beneficial for sugar patients.

Increase Rate Of Metabolism

 Rock salt helps out your body by increasing the metabolism rate and it helps in the absorption of minerals and H2O during metabolism in the human body. This salt increases the production of bile pigment that facilitates the digestion of fats and water-insoluble vitamins in the body.

Make The Human Defense System strong

It enriches with vitamins from which vitamin K makes the immune system and bones strong due to this human body is safe and can fight against chronic disease.

Reliable for Heart and HBP patient

Rock salt contains the K (potassium) element that is beneficial for heart and blood pressure patients. This element helps to maintain the BP.

Reduce the Depression and Anxiety

The human body and mind feel relaxed by intake of adequate amounts of rock salt or by sitting in a room of salts and by taking bath with salt water.

Boost Thyroid System

Salty water is used to treat thyroid problems like swelling thyroid glands it contains iodine that helps to reduce this disease. Besides this, it is used as an inhaler that helps in breathing to asthma patients and cleans up the breathing track, and helps our lungs to work in a proper way.

How You Can Check Rock Salt Is Edible?

First, you check the label of the salt product that you have bought; on the label all things mentioned which one product is edible and which one is non-edible because all salts are not used for edible purposes.

Rock Salt Lumps

From where you can buy it?

When you want to buy rock salt you can visit different online and hardware markets like Standard salt one of the best companies in the world that exports the best quality of edible rock salt and its products in the globe.

Standard Salts

Standard Salts

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