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How Many Minerals In Himalayan Salt?

Minerals in Himalayan salt

There are many minerals that are present in salt, water, and other things but in Himalayan salt, almost 84 minerals and trace elements are added. Himalayan salt minerals have many benefits and we use all of the minerals in our diet either in low or high quantities. For example, Magnesium, sulphate, iron, calcium, potassium, and many other minerals are responsible for our good diet and our health.

Salt Minerals

Minerals Categories In Himalayan salt:

There are many categories of Himalayan salts and these are different due to some minerals and color texture.

  1. The pink or orange color of Himalayan salt is due to more or higher content of iron and some other minerals. And in pink salt not only sodium chloride is present in it many of other minerals are also present.
  2. So likewise the moderate or light color is apparently due to the low quantity of iron content.
  3. The black Himalayan salt is generally not in black color, it’s not true that its name is black so the color of it is also black, and its color likes grayish. In it the sodium ions is less as compared to the normal salt. In black salt normally 8 minerals are present like sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, silicon, sulphur, and strontium.

The subcategories of Himalayan salt are dark pink, light pink, moderate pink, and orange in color. The color of the salt is light due to the low quantity of iron. Light pink salt has the same features or ingredients as dark or other kinds of Himalayan salt just differentiates in the iron quantity or content. The other quantity of minerals present in the same amount is just a difference in iron content and that’s why its color will be light or moderate.

Himalayan Salts Minerals

Different Groups Of Minerals

Our body requires both types of minerals either in low amounts or in high amounts but both are equally important for our physical or mental health. We can get rid of many diseases by using minerals. To enjoy healthy or good life we should take all minerals in a balanced form. If we take more quantity or less quantity of minerals in our diet then it may cause many diseases.

  • Trace minerals
  • Major minerals

Trace Minerals:         

Trace minerals as its name show we required or needed it in a low amount. It is not true these minerals are less or not important so these are also equally important or beneficial for our health. Trace minerals usually are iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, and fluoride. If we don’t take these minerals in our diet it will cause various harm in our bodies.

  • If we didn’t take the proper amount of iron in our diet then it causes blood or oxygen deficiency in our body. So if we take vegetables, fruits, or juice in our diet it will enhance the quantity of iron.
  • As we all know fluoride ions are more beneficial for our teeth and bones so if we take this then it will help in making our teeth and, bones strong.
  • There are many chemical reactions occurring in our body and many minerals are also present that are helpful for maintaining our body’s ph level so we use enzymes like zinc or other minerals. These are all minerals that contribute to healing our wounds.
  • If we take excess iodine in our diet then it causes thyroid or goiter.

Major Minerals:

Major minerals are those minerals that are required more amounts in our diet or also called macro minerals. Macro itself means to get or intake more or a high quantity of minerals. These are all minerals micro or macro good for our health. Major or macro minerals specific are calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, sulphur, and magnesium.

Salts Minerals

For Example:                                                                  

  • Calcium are present in milk, if we use a balanced quantity of milk in our meal or diet it will help in making our bones strong.
  • If we use sulphur then it will build up protein molecules and we get protein from eggs, fish, and many other things.

Himalayan Salt Manufacturers

The use of Himalayan salt in our diet will help in complying with the number of minerals. And these salt minerals are totally present in Himalayan salt and it will save us from many diseases like heart diseases because in the Himalayan salt amount of iodine is low and it saves us heart patients from heart attacks. Standard Salts manufactures and exports pure quality salt and they harvested it from the khewra mines.

Standard Salts

Standard Salts

We are one of the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Himalayan Salt Products in Pakistan.

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