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Himalayan Salt or Himalayan pink Salt are other names for edible Pink Salt. It is a rock salt extracted from Pakistan’s Punjab province’s Khewra Salt Rock. Handwork is used to extract the Salt, and this method has not changed for centuries.

The minerals found in the salt deposits give the Salt its pink hue. The iron oxide, also known as rust, gives the color its pink tint. Other elements, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, are also present in the Salt. Depending on the site of the mine and other factors, the Salt’s exact composition can change.

All these above salts have 98% NaCl and 2% of trace; the concentration of metals in trances gives different color ranges.

Color Categories of Edible Himalayan Salt

Edible Pink Salt

Edible Light Pink Salt

Edible White Salt

Importance of Edible Pink Himalayan Salt:

The nutritional value of Edible Pink Salt is due to the purity of inorganic Salt with the least impurities and chemical additives commonly found in table salt. Further, it contains essential minerals that are a source of 84 essential elements such as calcium, essential for bones; magnesium controls the glucose level in blood and iron part of hemoglobin (blood cells). Sodium chloride, as an electrolyte, helps the body keep the electrolytic charge balance.

Nutritional Properties of Pink Salt:

The healthier option to regular table salt is edible Pink Salt. Compared to normal Salt, it contains more minerals and trace elements. Himalayan Salt has been found to contain 84 trace elements, including zinc, iron, and selenium, which are vital for human health, according to research that was published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

Additionally, edible pink Salt has less sodium than table salt, making it a healthier alternative for those with elevated blood pressure. Additionally, the reduced sodium content may aid in reducing bloating and water retention. Pink Salt should still use sparingly because it still contains sodium; it’s essential to remember that.

Types of Edible Pink Salt

The following types of edible pink Salt are commercial that has been classified based on grain size:

  • Edible Pink Salt Chunks
  • Edible Pink Salt Granules
  • Edible Pink Salt Fine Powder
  • Edible Pink Salt Extra Fine Powder

The color of the Salt changed when we changed the grain of Salt. Each type has specific use depending on the grain size. Different brands provide chunks, granules, and powder in various sizes. Here we have added a gran size scale by the most reputed and reliable Standard Salts brand, giving quality products. 

Uses of Edible Pink Salt:

Edible Pink Salt is a taste additive to food. It reduces the bitterness of taste. Various salt brands are providing pink Salt for cooking purposes such as Standard Salts and Hilal Salts.

Food Seasoning and Preservatives

In ancient days, people stored meat and vegetables by salting and drying them in the open air. Salt causes dehydration by absorbing moisture and eradicating the growth of pathogens that cause food spoilage or poisoning. 

Helps in weight loss

Himalayan pink Salt increases the rate of food digestion. It helps the body to lose fat. For this purpose, either chunk of pink Salt are used to massage or by intake of fine powder of standard salts (pink Salt)

Mask for bitter taste

Taste bitterness is a major problem for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Bitterness is mostly caused by chemicals such as quinine-HCl, caffeine, amiloride-HCI, urea, etc. Pink Salt has the property to reduce 70% urea bitterness. Sodium ions present in pink Salt has bitterness-suppressing property.

Cooking with Pink Salt

Like normal table salt, you can use Pink Edible Salt in cooking. It can be sprinkled on top of foods as a finishing salt or used to season food while cooking.

Additionally, Pink Salt is used to create salt blocks, which are becoming more and more common in cooking. A salt block is a sizable slab used to cook vegetables, seafood, and other foods.

Table Condiment

Edible pink Salt is used for finishing food by directly sprinkling it on the food, just as table salt and sea salt have been used. It gives a taste finish when commercially available standard salts, fine powdered pink Salt is added to simple steamed asparagus, fluffy baked potatoes, and grilled steaks.

Source of minerals for body intake and immunity booster

Pink Salt has strong antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial activity. Pink Salt could cause dehydration, which destroys the bacterial cell wall. Edible Pink Salt contains minerals of vanadium and magnesium that can control sugar levels in the body. Further additives can be added to modify the mineral content according to the requirement as iodized Salt contains KI additive for iodine source.

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