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Himalayan Salt Bricks & Tiles

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Himalayan Salt Bricks

Elevate the ambiance of your living or commercial space with the exquisite beauty and wellness benefits of Himalayan Salt Bricks and Tiles, exclusively available from Standard Salt. Crafted from the purest Himalayan salt crystals, these unique architectural elements offer a harmonious blend of aesthetics and health-enhancing properties.

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Salt Bricks and Tiles

Standard Salts started refining/purifying and manufacturing salt and salt products in 1999. Our main manufacturing unit is in Lahore and we export all of our products. We make sure to maintain the quality superior from all the other manufacturers. One of our best salt products is salt bricks and tiles. They are widely used for various purposes and their details are mentioned below.

Air and Atmosphere is Purified

If you use our salt Bricks and Tiles, that are manufactured from the purest salt mined from our very own salt mines. The foremost quality of these tiles and bricks is that the salt they are manufactured from has detoxifying properties and it purifies the air in which you breathe. They kill various bacteria and germs in the room or place they are present.

Ornamentation Purposes

Our Salt Bricks and Tiles are used widely for ornament and décor purposes. Different Restaurants book these tiles from us and use them in their lounges and sitting areas for decoration purposes. We also export these tiles to over 40 countries. These tiles are very high in demand and they give a pretty aesthetic look to the environment.
Different Spas also get these tiles from us in order to create a healthy environment and also for the purpose of decoration as well.

Illuminating Use of Salt tiles

Another way that you can use our tiles is to create a charming illuminating effect. You can do so by adding light bulbs to the console and then adding tiles to the front of it. When you will light up the bulbs, the tiles will produce an illuminating effect by emitting various shades of pink. They will also create a light translucent effect. This idea can be used on terraces and lounges as well. They really set the mood and create a feeling of trance.

Availability of Minerals

There is a diversity of minerals present in our tiles that helps to maintain the health of people. These minerals help to maintain the health of people. For instance, if a hypertensive patient has these tiles in his room, then he will not have to worry about his health anymore. As their blood pressure and the flow of blood will remain constant in their veins.

Reasons to Put Your Faith in Us

Our Company manufactures tiles with the latest technology and they are manufactured with the most superior and premium quality.
Our company has been exporting these Salt Bricks and Tiles for years now. We have vast experience in the manufacturing department and we have maintained and improved the quality of our products.

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