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Himalayan salt is rock salt (halite) mined from the Punjab region of Pakistan. The salt, which often has a pinkish tint due to trace minerals, is primarily used as a food additive to replace refined table salt but is also used for cooking and food presentation, decorative lamps and spa treatments. The product is often promoted with groundless claims that it has health benefits.
pink himalayan salt
pink himalayan salt
pink himalayan salt


Soap manufactured by Standard Salts is not an ordinary one and the specific reason for that is because there is added Himalayan salt in the soap. The salt that is added in the manufacturing of the soap is in its purest form. It can be used as both body soap and face soap as well. It has so many properties that can help you to deal with your skin problems and heal them like magic. Standard Salts manufactures it and exports it globally because of its increasing demands all over the world.
Here are some facts and details about the Standard Salts Soap.

Beneficial for Skin

The salt soap manufactured by Standard Salt has the following properties and benefits.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is kept as hygienic as possible because we know that the product that is meant for your skin should be manufactured in the most sanitary environment. Our salt soap is dermatologically approved and used by dermatologists as well. If you want your acne and skin problems to solve then you should definitely add our salt to your routine.
Standard Salt takes pride in manufacturing quality products for its customers.

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