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Salt Crockery

Salt Crockery can enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen besides of using it for cooking or serving your food. We are salt crockery wholesaler. Our all Himalayan salt crockery is uniquely designed with pure Himalayan salt which comes from the foothills of Himalayas with its pink crystals.    

Standard salt are salt crockery wholesaler. They are manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Himalayan salt products including Himalayan salt shot glasses, salad bowls, serving plates, Himalayan salt mortar, and pestle which meet the customers’ demand.

salt crockery wholesaler

Shot Glass

Size (inch) 3

salt pester

Salt Pestle (Round)

Size (inch) 6 × 3

Salad Bowl

Size (inch) 6

Mortar and Pestle

Size (inch) 4.4 × 4.6

Serving Plates

Size (inches) 6 × 1.5

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