Standard Salts


Himalayan Salt Culinary Supplier

Introduce your kitchen with our premium culinary collection – crafted from 100% food-grade salt mined from the foothills of the Himalayas. Standard salt (salt culinary supplier) manufacturing a wide range of Himalayan salt culinary products including Himalayan salt cooking block, salad bowls, shot glasses, serving dishes, pestle and mortar.

Our Himalayan rock salt cooking plates are ideally designed for cooking, grilling, freezing, and curing which is perfect to add minerals and complex taste to your foods. Besides serving salt plates, bowls, and salt glasses are a unique and elegant way to present food.

Himalayan Rock Salt Cooking Plate

Himalayan Salt Crockery Wholesale

Standard salt is a reliable salt exporter in Pakistan which shows their existence in the whole world since 1999. We are salt culinary supplier and supply our premium-quality pink salt products to various customers in 40-plus countries.  

As a salt culinary supplier of bulk Himalayan salt crockery, we offer high-quality salt culinary at the best wholesale price to importers, wholesalers, and brands worldwide. Each piece is a sign of purity which is crafted with unique shapes and colors by using the latest technology.

On Demand

Any shape / size  can be produced.

Private labels / brands can be placed.