Edible WHITE Salt

Edible White Salt

Salt is a basic need and we use it in our daily life. Our Standard Salts Mining company came into being in 1999 in Lahore. We own most of the salt mines from which our worker’s hand mine the salt and it is then manufactured and refined in our manufacturing units. Our premium quality salt is exported in more than 40 countries and we take care of all of the hygienic measures and the cleaning process is followed by detailed procedures. Here is all that you need to know about our premium quality White Salt.

Edible White Salt

Our Edible White Salt has various health benefits that you can avail of by consuming in your daily life.
  • Electrolytes of the body are balanced by the consumption of salt. Electrolytes play the most important role in the conduction of nerve impulses from the brain to the rest of the body. Especially when a person engages in a hard exercise and continuous workout, the electrolytes and the salts are released from the body via sweating. If you consume our edible white salt, then you will no longer have to worry about the electrolytes of your body.
  • It maintains the muscle function of the body.
  • It also helps to maintain the normal blood flow in the body.

Various Nutrients in Our Salt

There are innumerable nutrients in our salts like iron, magnesium, calcium, chloride, sodium, and traces of other minerals like zinc as well. These nutrients maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you consume our salt then you will keep getting these nutrients in your daily life. Our Edible White Salt is jam-packed with a diversity of minerals and nutrients. These minerals will make sure to eliminate most of the diseases from your life.

Our Edible White Salt of Premium Export Quality

We export our products in different countries and we make sure to maintain the premium export quality of our edible white salt. Standard Salts exports in up to 40 countries and our company is the most eminent exporter of salts in Pakistan. Our manufacturing units are located all over Pakistan but mainly in Lahore.

Reasons to Choose Standard Salts?

We provide the most premium export quality salt and here is why:
  • Our main focus and purpose are to ensure that the health of our consumers stays put and for that, we maintain the cleanliness in our manufacturing units.
  • The machinery goes through a procedure of detailed cleaning after every few weeks.
  • We never add any types of preservatives and additives to the salt, as we believe in providing the purest quality salt to our consumers and customers.
  • Not a single type of bleaching agent/coloring agent is added to the salts.
  • We do not just say things, we also have proof of providing the purest and healthiest/hygienic salt via various international certifications.
We provide our customers with what we promise and that is why Standard Salts is eminent among the exporters and considered the best salt mining and manufacturing company. So, why not us/Standard Salts?