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Himalayan Edible Black Salt

Edible Black Salt

Black salt (kala namak) is often referred to as Himalayan black salt. It is trendy among Asian people and now becoming a widely used salt in Europe region. Kala namak  is well known for its strong Sulphur smell and unique flavor. It is specially made by heating Himalayan pink salt at a high temperature in a furnace. It is perfect to use for salads and fruits and it is helpful for digestion.

Standard Salt’s black salt is prepared with a unique recipe that enhances the taste and flavor. It is available in different grain sizes like chunks, granules, coarse, and fine to meet customer demand.

edible black salt


Size (cm) 2 – 5

Black salt

Salt Granules

Size (mm) 2 – 5

black coarse

Coarse Salt

Size (mm) 1 – 2

black salt supplier

Fine Salt

Size (Mesh) 20 – 50

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