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Himalayan Edible Black Salt

Edible Black Salt

Standard Salt is a leading Bulk Himalayan Black Salt Manufacturer & Supplier. Black Himalayan salt, also known as kala namak, is not naturally black. Instead, it is manufactured through a process that involves heating of himalayan salt in a furnace or kiln at high temperatures along with the addition of specific herbs, seeds, and spices to Himalayan salt. This process transforms the salt’s color from pink to black and imparts a unique flavor profile.

As a Himalayan edible black salt manufacturer, we ensure the process is done under strict safety and security measures. We offer premium quality black Himalayan salt in bulk quantity at wholesale rate. We have edible black salt in different sizes ranges from chucks to extra fine according to our customer needs.

edible black salt


Size (cm) 2 – 5

himalayan black salt manufacturer

Salt Granules

Size (mm) 2 – 5

black coarse

Coarse Salt

Size (mm) 1 – 2

black salt supplier

Fine Salt

Size (Mesh) 20 – 50

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Standard Salt is a leading black himalayan rock salt supplier & exporter. If you want to buy black himalayan salt in bulk quantity, feel free to contact us.