Edible Pink Salt

Edible Pink Salt

Our company “Standard Salts”, founded in 1999 in Lahore. In Pakistan, Standard Salts is the largest rock salt exporter and pink salt miners and manufacturers. Our company refines and manufactures premium quality pink salt. We always keep the hygiene standards on point and make sure that the apparatus in all of our manufacturing units is clean. Here is all that you need to know about our Himalayan pink salt.

Diversity of Minerals in Our Pink Salt

Most of the minerals are found in various types of edible salts like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Potassium. The availability of these minerals will help the body to detoxify various types of toxins and bacteria and our body will be free from these harmful toxins. The use of Edible salt will help you in leading the healthiest lifestyle and you will get rid of most of the diseases. Various Benefits that You Can Get from Our Himalayan Salt

Benefits for Hypertensive Patients

Hypertension is the root cause of most diseases, mainly Cardio Vascular Disease. In most patients, the increased risk of CVD and Hypertension is due to the increased consumption of salt which is present in other salts. But our company’s edible pink salt has the least number of SODIUM which helps with controlling hypertension. When there is less amount of sodium in the salt then the heart rate will stay controlled and you will not have to worry about heart diseases.

Reduced Risk of Diarrhea

These days, most children suffer from diarrhea every now and then. The main causing factor in most cases is the deficiency of magnesium in children. If you make sure that your children are consuming our salt then you will never have to worry about magnesium deficiency and your kids will lead a healthy lifestyle.

Why Should You Choose Us for Himalayan Pink Salt?

Here are some reasons that make “Standard Salts” the best and these things include:
  • The main point and focus of Standard Salts are to maintain hygiene in both the mining process and in the refining units as well.
  • All of the machinery in our units goes through a deep cleaning process.
  • We have different Certifications of quality control which also ensures that all our processes are completely hygienic.

Being one of the largest salt manufacturers, miners, and exporters; standard salts takes pride in serving the clients.