Edible LIGHT Pink Salt

Edible Light Pink Salt

Edible pink salt, also known as Himalayan salt is the purest salt in the world, and our workers mine it from our own mines in Khwera, and then that mined salt is transported to our factories and units safely by following all the hygienic procedures. We refine it in the most hygienic way possible. Our manufacturing and mining units of Standard Salts are working since 1999. We produce the most premium and export quality light pink salt that we export in over 40 countries.

Certified Quality Control Testimonials

We, Standard salts, make sure to meet all the health and quality standards of hygiene and cleanliness as well. We have certifications and testimonials of various hygiene maintaining and quality checking organizations like ISO. They check our manufacturing standards and then provide us with their certifications that our standards are up to the mark. Our standards are high in maintaining hygiene that is why we are Standard Salts. Our main priority is to maintain health by keeping the hygiene on point.

Bioavailability of Countless Minerals

Our Edible Light Pink Salt has various benefits including the bioavailability of various minerals and nutrients as well. Bioavailability of a nutrient means the ability of a nutrient to be absorbed in the human body and show its benefits after metabolism and absorption. Many nutrients present in other salts that are synthetic are not bioavailable because they are not natural. As our Edible Pink salt is natural and is mined from the salt mines, the nutrients and minerals present in the light pink salt are all bioavailable. You won’t find any benefit from the minerals if they are not bioavailable. So, the bioavailability of a mineral is the main factor in the presence of minerals in the salt.

Major Health Care Benefits

As our salt is mined from the salt mines, it is natural and not synthetic. This means that it has the lowest amount of sodium as compared to other salts. This low amount of sodium means that you will never have to worry about major Cardio Vascular Diseases and hear related Diseases including High blood pressure (Hypertension). Our Edible Pink Salt maintains the normal flow of blood, not too high and not too low. You just have to make sure that you are consuming it in an adequate amount in your daily life. Then and only then you will get to know and experience its benefits in the field of health and taste as well.

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