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Different Types Of Salts: Which One Is Healthier?

Salt is basically composed of 2 major components Na (40%) and Cl (60%) due to these 2 elements its name is Sodium Chloride. Without salt our food is incomplete it gives flavor to our food Different Types Of Salts are used for the preservation of food in the presence of salt germs cannot grow.

Na play an important role in our body, it is necessary for the proper function of muscles, maintaining the electrolytes, and carrying nerve impulse about 500 mg of Na is necessary for daily routine for the proper functioning of the human body. If more Na is used it is not good for health it may cause different diseases like HBP, Cardiac problems, and bone weakness.


Adequate Amount of Na

The amount of Na that is required for our body in the daily routine should not exceed 1500 mg mostly for aged people and expected women. The life threatens diseases like Heart disease and HBP can be reduced by using less amount of Na in diets.

Different Types Of Salts:

Different types of salts we are using in our daily life but some people are not aware of which one is healthier for their lives in this article we will know which salt is beneficial for our health.

Salt in powder form contains a large amount of Na as compared to granular salt. If we compare the different salts like Iodized, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Black Salt we will see Pink Himalayan Salt and Black salt is healthier as compared to Iodized Salt. The following table shows the amount of Na in these Salts.

Types  of SaltAmount of Na
Black Salt1570-2150 mg
Pink Himalayan Salt2200 mg
Iodized Table Salt2300 mg

Black Himalayan Salt

This Salt is also mined from the Himalayas in Pakistan It contains S in large amounts that gives it an extra and unique smell as compared to another salt.

Its composition is the same to the Pink Himalayan Salt it also contains Fe, Mg, Ca, and Na but the Na amount is less as compared to the Black Himalayan salt and Sea Salt that’s why it has great health advantages; like it is used to reduce heart burning and excess of gas in the intestine (bloating), and reduction of HCl in the stomach.

Except this it is used for digestion it increases the production of bile pigment that increases the digestion rate of fats. This Salt is beneficial for the heart and HBP patients due to containing of less amount of Na.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt is extracted from the mines located in Jhelum city of Punjab in Pakistan. The granules of this Salt are larger as compared to the iodized Salt if a small amount of salt you intake a small amount of Na you will intake. Salt shows different colors due to the presence of various types of elements but the most prominent color is pink due to the presence of Fe element.

It has great benefits as compared to iodized salt because it contains a small amount of Na and other elements like Ca, Mg, K, and F that’s why it is healthier for the heart and HBP patient. Except of these, it is used as an inhaler for asthma patients along with this it is used to reduce Anxiety, depression, skin wrinkles, and bacterial and allergic infection. 

Iodized Table Salt (Powder)

Iodized table Salt is beneficial when it is used in moderate amounts. Iodine is an important component that helps to maintain the proper functioning of the thyroid gland if the iodine deficient food is taken then it may cause the disease (goiter).

It is present in small granules or powder form due to this it contains a large amount of Iodine. Due to the excess amount of Iodine, some people used iodized salt by combining it with table salt to minimize the amount of Iodine in Salt.

Iodized Table Salt

From Where You Can Buy This Salt

If you want to buy the best quality of this Salt by seeing its advantages you will see Pakistan is the top exporter of these. For exporting these salts different companies are working in Pakistan in these companies the top one is Standard Salt Company due to its best quality production of Salt and its products. This company has its own worth in the globe.

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