Crystal White Granules

Crystal White Granules is one the pre-eminent product of Standard Salts, manufactured by following the highest protocols of hygiene. Our White Crystalline Salt Granules are the healthiest option as an ingredient to enhance the flavors of your daily meals. It is like you can hit two targets with one arrow, and get both health and taste from your meals. Our white crystal granules are overflown with major and trace minerals and you can use them in a variety of meals, here are all the details about minerals and their usage.

The abundance of Various Nutrients

Our White Crystalline Salt has a variety of minerals in it and each one of them serves different functions in our body.

How to Make Use of Our Crystal White Granules?

You can put good use to our White Crystal Granules by replacing them with your ordinary salt. They are also used in various caramel sundaes and desserts to give a classic taste to the chocolate. You can use them as a topping for various fruits as well. Our white crystal granules will be a helping hand in removing major and trace mineral deficiencies and it will help to maintain our body’s various functions.

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