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Cooking On Himalayan Salt Block

Grill, sear, & serve on Himalayan salt blocks – naturally infuse dishes & impress guests.

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Cooking on Himalayan salt blocks infuses food with natural flavors and minerals. These versatile slabs can grill, sear, and even serve food, adding a unique touch to your culinary adventures. Learn to heat, cook, and care for your salt block to unlock its delicious potential.

Salt has been used for centuries for preserving and flavoring your food. It balances your taste of sweetness and helps to repress the flavor of bitterness. Additionally, it is a good source of sodium, a nutrient essential for our body’s proper functioning.

We all add salt to foods and sometimes to cocktail drinks to enhance their flavor. Using Himalayan salt block is a better way to gain the flavor and salt benefits in cooking.

You can cook on the mineral-rich Himalayan salt block by gradually heating it and increasing the temperature after 15 intervals until it reaches your desired temperature. Place the piece of food on the preheated salt block, then cook it as usual on a grill or pan. When you cook on these salt blocks, these nutrients end up in your food.  

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Cooking On Himalayan Salt Blocks

The Himalayan salt slab is known as a salt block or salt plate. Cooking on a Himalayan salt slab is an amazing idea for quickly grilling meat and vegetables. You may also use it to serve cold dishes like desserts, cheeses, and fruits.

Cooking with a Himalayan salt slab is a relatively easy task. You can do it with little learning and little effort. So, let’s explore this amazing cooking idea on the salt slab by understanding the different steps for cooking on the slab.

What Is Himalayan Cooking Salt Slab?

Himalayan cooking salt slabs are natural cookware and serving platters, offering many artistic dietary uses and providing the advantages of natural organic pure salt, free of additives.

Himalayan cooking plates are crafted from pure organic salt mined from the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. These slabs are dense and effectively carry the heat gradually, so the salt slab maintains heat and flavors your food equally.

In addition, it is the best choice to use as a serving platter. You first need to chill the serving platter in the freezer, then use it to present dessert, cheese, sushi, and sorbet. 

But be alert that these slabs can crack if chilled or heated rapidly at high temperatures. So, avoid it from cracking by heating and cooling at the optimum temperature of 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Himalayan Salt Blocks: Properties

Image shows that we can do cooking on himalayan salt blocks
Image via Standard Salts

The Pink Himalayan salt slab crystal has high specific heat to hold maximum energy for your cooking. Besides these salt blocks with low porosity and residual moisture (0.26%), which make them good for heating and chilling to high extremes.

Low porosity makes your food less sticky on the salt block. Second, it is enriched with minerals (S 1.2%, Ca 0.4%, Mg 0.16%, K0.35%) and traces of 80 other minerals that offer extra flavor to your food.

How To Heat A Himalayan Salt Block

It’s common for your Himalayan salt block to show minor cracks or color changes when you heat it. However, abrupt temperature changes can crack or break your salt block. So, to avoid its infringement or cracking, you should heat your salt block gradually.

For ideal heating of the salt slab, first place your dry salt block into the oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit; please take the salt block out from the stove and keep it for 30 minutes to cool. Then, put it in the oven at 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

You may also use other ways for heating your Himalayan salt block rather than the oven. Let’s look at how you can utilize the heating of your salt slab one by one.

How To Heat A Salt Block On The Stove

Suppose you are using the cooking salt slab for the first time and looking for a way to heat the salt slab. Please don’t get confused. You can easily heat your salt slab on the gas stove. It is simple to use, but you must follow some steps before using the gas stove.

You may ask how you can check this temperature on your gas stove. Simply you can check its temperature using an infrared thermometer or by putting in a few drops of water; if water abruptly evaporates, it is ready for cooking. So cook your food and enjoy its salty and delicious taste.

How To Heat A Salt Block On The Grill

Heating a salt block on the grill is not so tricky. You just have to follow some steps to heat salt slabs without damage.

How To Cook On A Himalayan Salt Block

The way of cooking on the salt block varies from person to person. But I will suggest the best cooking method for the Himalayan salt block. Let’s see how I cook my delicious dishes on the salt plate.

First, I heated my salt cooking slab by gradually increasing the temperature until it reached a suitable high temperature for my cooking.

Then, I put the slices of food that I want to cook.

Alert: When cooking on the salt slab, you should know that the salt slab has no elevated edges to keep your oil-coated food on the slab firmly. Your food can slip, reach the heating source, and catch fire.

What Is A Salt Block Used For

Image shows how we can use himalayan salt blocks for cooking
Image via Standard Salta

There are different ways to use a salt block in your homes, but these are my favorites that I have mentioned below.

Berberine in Chinen salt has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help to improve the overall immune system.

Grilling with a salt block is an amazing way to make delicious steak. First, preheat the block, then sprinkle the steak with pepper, onion, and garlic powder. Place and cook each side of the steak for 3 to 5 minutes.

These blocks impart a crunchy and salty texture to your backing products, making them more delicious. To add flavor to baking products, preheat your salt block, put it into the oven at 350 degrees, and put your backing products directly on the block.

Besides making your food delicious, these Himalayan salt blocks contain nutrients like sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and Iron. When you cook on these salt blocks, these nutrients end up in your food. 

Because of its high heat capacity, it stays warm and cool for hours. This quality makes it perfect for serving cold foods like deserts, fruits, cheese, and salmon and keeping them cool out for hours.

Salt is used for the preservation of food because of its antibacterial activity. It is used to extend food storage life and is an ideal way to cure seafood like salmon.

The pink hue of the Himalayan salt block gives it an attractive and sophisticated look. It’s an amazing experience to use it as a serving platter for different foods like fruits, vegetables, desserts, chocolates, and seafood.

It is an amazing gift for people who love natural flavor and beauty. You can give it to your friends or family as a gift or an elegant cooking top.

How To Care For Your Salt Block

Remember these easy and simple steps in caring for your salt blocks to make them long-lasting. Let’s stay and learn these.

Cleaning: First, cool it completely if it is hot. After cooling:

By following this procedure for cleaning your salt block, the smooth surface remains safe.

In addition, its powerful antimicrobial properties make it the best and safest to use in the future without any cleaning agent.

Safekeeping: Keep it in a place that is free of moisture. For its best storage, wrap it in a cloth and keep it in a cupboard. If you don’t do this, the good solubility of salt in water makes it lost.

What In Your Mind?

Cooking on a Himalayan salt slab involves preheating the slab gradually, placing food on it, and letting the slab impart a delicate saltiness to the dish. Heat it slowly to prevent cracking.

The salt slab can subtly infuse foods with a hint of saltiness and retain moisture. It works well with various foods, from meats to vegetables, enhancing their flavors.

To cure foods, place them on the salt block, ensuring they’re fully covered in salt. Let them rest in a cool, dry place. The salt helps draw out moisture, preserving and flavoring the food.

Preheat the salt slab gradually, then place the food directly on the hot slab. The intense heat sears the food quickly, locking in flavors while adding a subtle saltiness.

Yes, you can use a salt slab on a grill. Ensure the grill heats gradually to prevent cracking. Once heated, place the slab on the grill and follow the usual cooking instructions.

Salt blocks can be reused multiple times. After use, let it cool, gently clean it with a brush or damp cloth, and allow it to dry completely before the next use. Eventually, it will wear down with repeated use.


Uncover the ancient art of cooking with Himalayan salt blocks, enhancing flavors and preserving foods naturally. Himalayan salt mined from the Khewra salt mine, these slabs infuse dishes with a subtle saltiness and offer versatile cooking methods, from grilling to serving.

Explore their mineral-rich properties and elegant serving capabilities, perfect for gifting culinary enthusiasts. Learn proper care to ensure longevity for continued delightful culinary adventures.

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