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Chinen Salt For Diabetes: Does It Work?

Chinen salt, extracted from plants

Since Himalayan Salt is of different types, many people confuse Chinen Salt with Himalayan Salt because of its appearance and the same color shade. The answer to if Chinen salt is Himalayan salt or if they are the same is simple. No, they’re not the same. Chinen salt is more like a supplement salt on the other hand the Himalayan pink salt is a rock salt that is already present on earth in the form of mines. If you are thinking, does Himalayan salt expire? Here are further details that you need to know about.

Chinen Salt: Brief History

The main component found in Chinen Salt is Berberine Chloride which is given by the herb Coptis Chinensis or Golden Thread. This salt is a good blend of Sodium chloride and Sodium nitrate. This salt also has a good amount of iron in it which is what gives it a shade of pink.

It is a blend of sodium nitrate and sodium chloride. When this salt is unrefined, its major portion constitutes of sodium chloride 89 % and minerals 2 %. This salt also gives off dark pinkish color but it shouldn’t be mixed with Himalayan salt. This is so because both of them should never be taken together. One of the major similarities that make people confuse is the plant of Berberine as it is present in the mines of both salts.

The Chinen salt is mined from the salt ranges in China. You can also consume this salt as a supplement because it has different minerals in it. People use it for the seasoning of their meals to get rid of deficiencies. This salt is also a part of different supplements in the form of pills, liquid, and powdered supplements.

Two spoons filled with Himalayan Pink  Salt and Chinen Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt: Brief History

The place of origin of Himalayan Pink Salt is a district in Punjab named Khewra. The salt ranges of Khewra are an unlimited source of pink Himalayan Salt. This salt is a source of different minerals, especially iron. Other minerals are also found in Himalayan Pink salt.

You might be wondering about the answer does Himalayan salt expire? No, it does not. It is mainly a non-perishable ingredient but if it is exposed to lots of moisture then it might.

Does Chinen Salt Help with Diabetes?

Alkaloids are known to be helpful for diabetic patients. Chinen salt has a main component which is Alkaloid. The main alkaloid component of Chinen salt is an active compound known as Berberine chloride. In consonance with different research, berberine has evidently fought diabetes in different animals and human trials.

It basically reduces blood glucose levels by inhibiting the absorption of glucose into the blood. The research is not only a hypothesis but also a theory that Chinese Goldthread, berberine has evidently fought diabetes in Patients.

In short, this compound in salt proves to be helpful in fighting with diabetes.

Where does Chinen Salt Come From?

A Chinen Salt factory worker filtering salt

Chinen Salt comes from the Himalayan Range of mountains in China It is so named because of its Chinese origin. In these Himalayan Mountains, an herb is found in abundance known as Berberine. In this hers, a salt compound is found namely Berberis aristate. It is an important component of the Coptis Chinensis plant. People of that region have started calling this a barberry plant. This is so because of the very high concentrations of berberine in it.

Health Benefits and Uses of Chinen Salt:

The Chinen salt is immensely abundant with the following minerals:

  • Iron
  • Glutamate
  • Monosodium
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Sodium Nitrate

Benefits of Chinen Salt:

  • It combats diabetes.
  • Chinen Salt is known for its properties that remove toxins from the body and this is why it helps to achieve healthy skin.
  • As salt is an important component of different biochemical processes, Chinen salt helps in different anabolic reactions which facilitate digestion.
  • The mineral content of this salt helps to prevent muscle cramps.
  • If there are any bacterial infections in your ear then you can mix this salt with a drop of water (filtered). Then it will cure the infection if added carefully.
  • It maintains the normal Ph of the body by acting as a buffer.
  • This salt removes inflammation and it also boosts one’s immunity.


Many people confuse Chinen Salt as Himalayan Salt because of its appearance and the same pink shade. But they are both different. If you are dealing with different deficiencies then you can use the Chinen salt as a supplement on the other hand the Himalayan Pink Salt can’t be used as a supplement. If you are looking forward to leading a healthy life then you can add a little number of salts to your diet.

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Mineral Content:

MineralHimalayan saltChinen salt
Calcium1.6 %0.10 %
Sodium49 %98 %
Chloride49 %0.20 %
Potassium2.8 % 
Magnesium1.06 % 

Himalayan Salt vs. Chinen Salt: Brief Comparison

Chinen salt used in medicine

1. Himalayan Pink Salt

For Himalayan Pink Salt, the major source is the Himalayan salt range and the salt mines from where the salt is mined.

  • The place of origin of this salt is Pakistan.
  • It only needs to be mined and is already available. 
  • It is less expensive because it is found in abundance and the manufacturing process is easy. 
  • The usage of this salt as a supplement is not suggested.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt is used in cooking.

2. Chinen Salt

This salt is also found in the foothills of Himalayan Mountain ranges but is extracted from a plant.

  • This salt is found in China.
  • Chinen Salt is not used in cooking.
  • Chinen Salt is used as a supplement.
  • It is extracted and not already available but it is natural. 
  • It is a little expensive because it is rare.
  • It helps to treat Asthma patients and their sinuses.
  • Many air purifiers use it.
  • The color of the Chenin salt is pink but a little darker.
  • Chinen salt is known for the treatment it provided to diabetic patients. 
  • This salt is an important component of different medicines.


People often get confused with Chinen salt as Himalayan salt because both of them are loaded with supplements like essential minerals. They help to keep your body healthy. The only similarity between them is that they are not processed and harvested from different manufacturing procedures as they are found naturally on earth. You can use Chinen salt as a supplement for eliminating mineral deficiencies.

You might be wondering about the answer does Himalayan salt expire? No, it does not. It is mainly a non-perishable ingredient but if it is exposed to lots of moisture then it might.