Salt Works is committed to natural salt purity and quality, including our state-of-the-art facilities’ safety. We follow strict safety procedures to ensure the highest quality of all our salts while maintaining each crystal’s handcrafted character and unique properties. Safety and quality are always our top priorities. Our Salt Works in Washington facility is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and meets the requirements of the Bioterrorism Act. We have carefully built a network of reliable and safe manufacturing partners and require all our partners to be registered with the FDA. We verify the authenticity of salt from around the world. Our internal quality control and engineering departments work together to develop and implement safe filtration and processing procedures for all salts. Our proprietary certification system includes sieves, filters, rare earth magnets, metal detectors, and color scanning – our patented Optically Clean technology – to ensure that we provide the purest and safest salt to our customers worldwide.


Certification is an internationally recognized standard that guarantees the quality and reliability of the Company’s products and services. Certification is a legally binding contract that guarantees the safety of products for consumers and a company’s commitment to meeting customer expectations. Standard Salt never compromises on the quality and purity of Himalayan salt. Our goal is to offer the purest, most natural and chemical-free Himalayan salt products to many people as possible. Our rock salt is refined, contains no external additives, and retains its natural form and minerals. Standard Salt’s commitment to quality is evidenced by the fact that the Company is certified by several international quality and environmental management organizations. These certifications and accreditations show that we adhere to international standards for quality control in production and ensure high quality and consistent delivery of our products. Therefore, our products are manufactured by leading international brands. Sustainable, high-quality, and innovative products are key to our success. Standard Salt in Pakistan is accredited by the following bodies, which apply international quality standard and ensure that all company legal requirements are met.


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification is an international award given to food and manufacturing companies with a strong and comprehensive HACCP program. HACCP implementation certification is the culmination of all companies and their team’s efforts to ensure food safety. HACCP certification demonstrates our Company’s commitment to preparing, transporting, and storing food safely and hygienically. This certification proves that our salt company complies with food safety standards. This Company has a safety management system that controls operational risks.


The halal certificate is a document that guarantees products and services offered to Muslims meet the requirements of Islamic law, i.e., are suitable for consumption in countries with significant Muslim populations or western countries with significant Muslim populations (France, Germany, UK, and Spain). Our Company is certified by HALAL, which proves that we provide healthy, hygienic, clean, and safe products to our consumers to meet their basic needs, regardless of religion, race, or creed.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is one of the most widely used standards for quality management systems. This certification shows that our Company has a management system that follows all the requirements of ISO9001.

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 applies to all organizations in the food chain, regardless of their size, from feed and primary product manufacturers to food producers, transport and storage companies, subcontractors, retailers, and food distributors across the border.

ISO22000 certification proves that Standard Salt manufacturers provide reliable food products across the border to consumers.


The word “kosher” means “suitable” and refers to food that is edible for people of the Jewish faith who follow certain dietary rules outlined in the Torah (Old Testament). Salt products made by our Company cover kosher laws. Our Company exports its products to the US, and Europe constantly competes to meet kosher requirements and have their products labeled as kosher.


This certificate of export authorization is issued for conventional food, food additives, and food contact materials that cannot be legally sold in the United States but meet the requirements of section 801(e) of the FD&C Act and can be legally exported.

This certification shows that our company export conventional salt, food additives, and salt contact materials that meet the applicable requirements of the FD&C Act for sale in the United