Candle Holder

Our company, Standard Salts, is not only proficient in manufacturing the highest quality Salt and salt products but we are also specialized in manufacturing Various types of candle holders of premium and export quality. Candleholder serves two purposes; one is to give candle proper support and the other one is an ornamental purpose to décor your place and it will give a beautiful presentation and an aesthetic look. Here are all the details about our candle holders.

Décor Your Home with candle holder

Candleholders add a decent touch and glamour to your home. People use them to increase their presentation. For instance, various restaurants add a beautiful and spectacular touch to their place by just adding candle holders to their lounges and terraces. People around the world use them for candlelight dinners. We export the most-highest quality candle holders that are not only holding your candles but adding a touch of glamor. Here are all the types of candle holders and the material they are made from as well.

Wall Attached Candle Holder

These candle holders can only be attached to the wall and they add a royal look to whatever place they are attached to. You might have seen these types of candle holders in 7-star hotels and restaurants as well. They have details of various floral patterns and the candles are placed on a plane cup-like small holder between the flowers and leaves.

Hanging Candle Holder

Hanging candle holders are the most modern onesies because they have the most spectacular design. A beautiful rope or chain holds a beautiful net-like holder of a candle that is mostly made with metal. Some of them are translucent and made from glass. They are mostly hanged with the help of ropes. The candles are placed inside the holder.

Stick like Candle Holders

Stick-shaped candle holders are mostly shaped like a rod and various patterns and designs are added to the structure. They are usually tall and the candles are placed on the top of the stick.

Jar like Candle Holders

Jar-type candle holders add a decent look. They look pretty great if you place them in your guest room’s tabletop or on your dining table. They come in spherical shapes and cylindrical shapes as well. Some of these jars have lids and some of them don’t depend upon the designs of the candle holders.

Material That We Use

We use different materials depending upon the type of candle holder. The jar candle holders are made from glass. The hanging candle holders are mostly made from metal. The material used in the making of wall attached and stick holders is mostly bronze and metal. We have quite a large variety of candle holders and a plethora of options in designs.
Our Company, Standard Salts, is eminent in exporting the huge variety of candle holders all around the world and they are liked by all of our clients. Our candle holders are of premium and export quality with the best designs.

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