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Can You Use Pink Himalayan Salt For Piercings?

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Yes, you can use the pink Himalayan salt for piercing by adding ¼ tablespoon to pre-boiled water. It helps to reduce the infection by keeping the piercing area clean. In addition, it minimizes the redness and inflammation around the piercing zone because of its soothing properties.

Can You Use Pink Himalayan Salt For Piercings?

Piercing is a deliberate opening in the skin part of your body. It needs special care and attention to recover from this laceration.

Most piercing specialists suggested the saline water of pink Himalayan salt to heal the piercing wounds. However, Pink Himalayan salt is the best remedy for your piercing injury to avoid infection and inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

If you think you will use the pink Himalayan salt for piercing, here are some considerations you should understand before it applies to healing your piercing wounds.

Common Consideration For Pink Himalayan Salt Piercing

Most people think pink Himalayan salt for Piercing is dangerous because it irritates the piercing area. Its concentrated amount can create irritation, but if you use its diluted form, you can avoid this type of irritation.

How can you prepare the diluted saline water of Himalayan pink salt? You can prepare it by adding ¼ tablespoon of Himalayan pink salt in pre-boiled water and gently applying it to your piercing area.  

By dilution, the pH value of saline water decreases, which is not dangerous for your Piercing Piercing.

Can I Use Himalayan Salt To Clean My Navel Piercing?

Yes, you can use Himalayan salt to clean your navel piercing. It is considered the best remedy to heal the navel piercing because of the calming and soothing properties of pink Himalayan salt.

How can you use this remedy? Use the non-iodized Himalayan pink salt in warm water. Then, soak the kitchen paper in the prepared saline solution and gently apply it around the piercing area.

It is strictly recommended not to use cotton or wool for navels or other Piercing because it can wrap around the jewelry and irritate your piercing wound.

You should do this activity twice daily for 2 to 3 weeks for quick piercing healing.

Can You Use Pink Himalayan Salt For Nose Piercings?

The image shows what happen if you use himalayan salt for nose piercing
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Pink Himalayan salt is the best treatment to heal the new nose piercing. Most piercing experts recommend using soaked kitchen paper for this Piercing, but you can also use a spray bottle.

For the best Piercing, you should know the exact ratio of salt and water; otherwise, you can face soreness and inflammation in the piercing area with the wrong balance.   

Can You Use Himalayan Pink Salt To Clean Your Cheek Piercing?

You can use the Himalayan pink salt to clean your cheek piercing. But you should use the saline water of pink Himalayan salt instead of its concentrated amount. Because by using its total amount, you can damage your cheek.

You can use the ready-made saline water specially prepared for piercing care, or you can prepare it yourself.

Preparing the saline water at home is so simple. Add the 1-fourth of pink Himalayan salt into the pre-boiled or distilled water and shake it well. After the preparation, store it in the bottle for further use.

What Happens If You Use Himalayan Salt On Piercing?

Himalayan salt is an effective way to treat the different piercings on your body. Let’s see what it does for your PiercingPiercing.

  • Boost the healing

Pink Himalayan salt is considered the best for piercing than other salt because it is less iodized. Another salt is not a good remedy for Piercing because of its strong chemical composition that harms your piercing wounds instead of healing.

On the other side, the saline water of the Himalayan pink salt reduces bacterial growth and keeps it clean. In addition, it minimizes the inflammation and redness around the piercing area.

What kind Of Salt Do You Use To Clean Piercings?

No doubt, salt is a good thing for cleaning the Piercing Piercing. But we can’t say all the salt is good for healing piercing wounds. Some properties of the salt that can be utilized to recover the piercing injury are listed below.

  • It should be non-iodized

Non-iodized salt is considered the best salt for the cleaning of PiercingPiercing. But we can’t say it’s only iodine in the salt (iodized salt) that irritates your Piercing; other chemical additives, like the dextrose additive, may create soreness, which can cause yeast infection.

That’s why Himalayan pink salt is the best choice to clean and heal piercing wounds.

  • It must be diluted and warm

You are strictly recommended to use the Himalayan salt solution in diluted form for your Piercing Piercing. If you use a concentrated and hot solution of pink Himalayan salt for the Piercing, you can damage it.

So use its recommended amount, like ¼ part of salt, into the distilled or pre-boiled water and gently apply it around the piercing area.

Aftercare For Piercing With Himalayan  Pink Salt

If you want to know how to care for your Piercing with Himalayan pink salt, here are some tips you must follow.

  • Before touching you’re piercing, Wash and clean your hands
  • Then, soak the kitchen paper in saline water of pink Himalayan salt and gently apply it on your piercing wounds twice daily.
  • Please don’t use other detergents like soap; it can cause soreness and inflammation in your piercing wounds.
  • Take a balanced diet for quick healing of the PiercingPiercing
  • Continue this Himalayan pink salt piercing until your Piercing is completely healed. 

Pros And Cons Of Pink Himalayan Salt Piercing

Although pink Himalayan salt is the best remedy to treat piercing wounds by healing and cleaning them, where it has benefits at the same time, it shows some disadvantages. So, let’s see the pros and cons of pink Himalayan salt Piercing.

Pros of Himalayan Pink Salt PiercingCons of Himalayan pink salt Piercing
Minerals in Himalayan pink salt promote the healing of piercing woundsIts concentrated amount can cause soreness in your piercing area.
Anti-microbial properties of pink Himalayan salt reduce the growth of microbesThe availability of this pure and non-iodized salt is less except in Pakistan.
It helps to soothe the piercing area and reduce the redness and inflammation around your Piercing.Its improper preparation can lead to piercing infection.
It is an economical, affordable, homemade, pure organic remedy to heal piercing wounds.It is a time-consuming remedy that takes almost 2 to 6 weeks.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use pink Himalayan salt for my piercings?

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How often should I clean my Piercing with a saline solution?

Clean your Piercing 2-3 times a day using saline solution. Over-cleaning can irritate the PiercingPiercing, while under-cleaning can allow bacteria to build up, so find a balance.

What salt is best for piercings?

Can you use pink Himalayan salt for infection?


Pink Himalayan salt offers natural benefits for piercing aftercare, aiding healing, and reducing inflammation. Proper preparation and dilution are crucial for safe use. Understand its pros and cons to ensure adequate recovery while avoiding potential risks.

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