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Black Granules

Black granules are basically larger black salt grains manufactured by Standard Salts in the most premium quality. People have been using Black granules for over decades now because of their multiple health benefits in the human body. Many Private brands buy Black Granules from us and then sell them after finning them up under the name of their brand and company. We export Black Granules in Bulk almost around the world

Innumerable Benefits of Black Granules

Black Salt Granules comes with innumerable health benefits that are enlisted below.

Antioxidative Properties in Human Body

In human bodies, there are many free radicals in the body, that are the reason for various carcinogenic conditions and engulfing conditions. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from spreading in the body and causing cancer. Our black granules have reservoirs of antioxidants that prevent more damage.

Aids in Smooth Digestion

Our Black salt granules help to improve digesting by enhancing and increasing bile production. When this gastric juice containing various enzymes from the pancreas is released it helps to carry out the process of digestion smoothly and efficiently. Our black salt Aids in digestion by increasing the production of bile in the pancreas.

Prevents Bloating and Heartburns

Bloating is a feeling of tightness and emptiness in the stomach due to gas pockets. Our black granules relieve this sensation by removing the gas pockets from the stomach. Heartburns are characterized by Acid Refluxes when the acidic matter from the stomach travels back from the esophagus. The stomach acid is so strong that it gives you a feeling of burning sensation in the chest area. Our high-quality premium Black Granules prevent Heart Burns and help you stay in the best health possible. You can start a healthy lifestyle by adding our premium quality black salt granules to your routine.

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