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Standard Salts is a leading Himalayan bath salt wholesale supplier & manufacturer, offering high-quality, bulk Himalayan bath salt. Our Himalayan rock bath salts are crafted from pure Himalayan pink salt, mined from the foothills of the Himalayas and known for its therapeutic and healing properties.

Packed with essential minerals and nutrients, our Himalayan bath salt products can benefit your skin in numerous ways. They help to balance your skin oil, reduce muscular pain and joint stiffness, exfoliate your damaged skin, and improve circulation.

Salt chunks

Crystal Salt Chunks


size(cm) 2-5

himalayan bath salt wholesale

Crystal Salt Granules

(Light Pink)

size(mm) 2-5

bath salt medium pink

Crystal Salt Granules

(Medium Pink)

size(mm) 2-5

Bath salt dark pink

Crystal Salt Granules

(Dark Pink)

size(mm) 2-5

Salt soap

Salt Soap

(Cake Shape)

weight (g) 200

salt soap

Salt Soap

(Heart Shape)

weight (g) 160

salt deo stick

Salt Deo Stick

weight (g) 150

salt balls

Salt Balls

weight (g) 190

Standard Salt - Himalayan Bath Salt Wholesale Supplier

Standard Salt is a top raking himalayan bath salt wholesale supplier & manufacturer. We manufacture our bath salts according to International Quality Standards.

In addition to bulk Himalayan bath salt, Standard Salts offers a variety of bath salt products including salt balls, salt Deo sticks, and salt chunks. These pure products are all designed to help create balance in your body.

We supply bath salt products to importers, wholesalers, and brands all over the world in different shapes and sizes and at a competitive price to let our customers attain a custom share in the salt product business.

Standard Salt

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Standard Salt is a leading himalayan bath salt manufacturers & supplier. If you want to buy Himalayan bath salt at bulk quantity, feel free to contact us.