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Animal Lick Salt

Our premium animal lick salt is  manufactured from pure Himalayan rock salt derived from mineral-rich deposits of the Himalayas and designed to meet the nutritive needs of different animals.

We are lick salt exporter. Our Himalayan Rock Salt for Animals is a reliable and useful way to supplement their diet.

Free from chemicals, each lick provides essential elements that promote strong bones, steady growth, and overall health of your animals.

Animal Lick Salt
Lick Salt Exporter

Lick Salt Cylinder

Weight : 1.2 kg

lick salt square

Lick Salt Square

Weight : 1.2 kg

lick salt natural

Lick Salt Natural

Weight : 1 – 2 kg

animal lick lump

Lick Salt Lumps

Weight : 2 – 10 kg

Feed Additive

Size : 0.5 – 5.0 mm

Compressed lick salt

Compressed Lick Salt

Weight : 1.2 kg

Standard Salt- Lick Salt Manufacturer

We are the lick salt exporter, manufacturer and supplier for Cattle, Rats, Horses, Rabbits Deer, and all other domestic animals.

We offer chemical-free and weather-resistant animal salt licks in bulk to traders, brands, and wholesalers all over the world in different shapes and sizes and at a  competitive price to let our customers attain a custom share in the salt product business.

On Demand

Any size / weight and shape size can be produced.

Private labels / brands can be placed.

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If you want to buy our products, Feel free to contact us and discuss with us your requirements. We would be glad to offer you a price quotation and will try our best to deliver you the best products.

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