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WELCOME TO Standard Foods

WELCOME TO Standard Foods Contributing Since 1999, Supplying Amazing Pink Himalayan Salt to Our Loyal Clients Across the Globe.

Standard Salt cares about improving the quality of life, be it in terms of health or lifestyle. We are focused on providing the best salt products to our consumers’ right from the heart of Himalayan Salt Ranges.

At StandardSalt, we invest heavily in making better approaches to serve our clients, regardless of whether its creating inventive strategies to lift the quality of our all-natural salts, or improving our delivery and appropriation procedures to address your issues.

Established in 1999, we have successfully expanded our salt manufacturing units across Himalayan Salt Ranges Kherwa, Pakistan, all the while maintaining the standard of services unparalleled in the Salt mineral industry. Our passion to excel at what we do has helped us grow as one of the leading manufacturer, processor, and exporter of Himalayan salt products.

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